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This is a selection of some serviceable utilities to assist XTree/ZTree and unleash their versatility. Of course such a collection will always represent a more or less personal point of view, since for the more common applications like editors and graphics viewers, there are a zillion of programs around, and many of them may serve your personal needs just as well. Nevertheless, the goal of this collection has been, to present a number of powerful and versatile as well as tiny, clever and fast DOS and Windows utilities, that are superior to others or perhaps not generally known and well suited for an easy co-operation with XTree/ZTree:



Quick View Plus
Avantstar Solutions >
Probably the most popular of all universal viewers, supports more than 225 file formats (Windows, Macintosh, Internet and DOS). QuickView Plus is very handy, comes close to an ideal viewer add on for XTreeGold and ZTreeWin.
See also the |tip below on usage with ZTreeWin resp. XTreeGold
Commercial US$ 35,-/39,- Trial version available
    Win 95-XP
Auto Manager View
Cyco Software >
Universal viewer, also supports AutoCAD R-10 through R-14 format - Not tested yet
Drag And View
Canyon Software >
Universal viewer, AutoCAD viewer available separately - Not tested yet
Key View Pro
Verity >
Universal viewer, PGP support available separately - Not tested yet

How to use QuickViewPlus with XTree Gold and ZTreeWin:

- Integrating QuickViewPlus into ZTreeWin is easy, it can be specified as an external viewer in the configuration program. Having done this, now every time pressing 'V'iew, the file will be redirected to the external viewer, nonwithstanding that you can still use the internal text-viewer as well: just tag a single (or multiple) file(s) and hit Ctrl-'V'iew.

- Using QuickViewPlus as an additional viewer for XTreeGold/DOS is also possible:

Either: Include an appropriate entry into the application menu

- Highlight the QVP.exe or QVP32.exe program file (found in subdirectory "program" of your Quick View Plus installation directory)
- Hit F9 (Application menu) and move the cursor to a place where you want to insert the new item
- Press 'A'dd item and enter a name of your choice (e.g. "Quick View Plus")
- Hit 'E'dit script and let XTree insert the necessary commands by simply pressing the F2-key
- Add the argument "%1" (use quotes !) in the third line.
It should then look like this: QVP32.EXE "%1" , for example.
- Finally, hit Enter and then Escape twice to finish the editing session.
- Now everytime when you're on a file you want to view just press F9, choose the "Quick View Plus" entry and hit Enter!

Or: Use the Alt-'B'atch command and enter:
     c:\QuikView\QVP32.exe "%1"
     (if "c:\QuikView\QVP32.exe" is your QuickView path/filename)
    Later you can store this entry in the history list with the Insert-key.

Or: Create appropriate bat-files (containing for example @c:\QuikView\QVP32.exe "%1" ) in your XTreeGold directory for all file-types you want to "Quick View" and then use the 'O'pen command.

- There's even an easy way to use QuickViewPlus as an additional viewer for XTreeGold/Win 4.0:

Just define QuickViewPlus as "editor" (in menuitem Options/General Settings/Text Editor-tab), now every time you select 'Edit', the file will be passed to the external viewer application. Well, and if you really just wanted to edit the file, and you use Quick View Plus, there is a small button on it, named "Edit file", which passes the file further to the registered application (that is for text files usually notepad), so it's just one click more for editing (and, of course, the waiting for program loading), but now you are able not only to view most of the new file formats, but also to edit them with their appropriate application (which wouldn't be possible with a standard text editor anyhow)!

Hamrick Software >
Graphics, sound and movie viewer.
Supports all common graphic and multimedia formats, can be widely configured, and is entirely hotkey driven (along with a standard pull-down menu). A very useful feature is the (optional) 'auto fit-to-screen mode', which will force the entire image to be displayed in the VuePrint-window in its original proportions, irrespective of the actual size of the image, thus providing a good survey even on very large images without having to scroll or tolerate distorted proportions. Tune it at your will to just a pure blank, full-screen appearence with hidden menu, looking close to the appearence of XTreeGold's graphic viewers.
Shareware US$ 29,95  
Skiljan Irfan >
Graphics viewer.
IrfanView is an excellent and fast as a flash FREEWARE image viewer/converter for Win9x-XP. It's equipped with a preview option, Drag&Drop support, fast directory view (fast moving through directory), slideshow, batch conversion, print option, change the color depth and many, many more.
Supported file formats are: JPEG, GIF, BMP, DIB, RLE, PCX, PNG, TIFF, TGA, RAS/SUN, ICO, AVI, WAV, MID, RMI, WMF, EMF, PBM, PGM, PPM, IFF/LBM and Photo-CD (Overview Photo-CD support).
Beyond that it is also one of the first graphics viewers worldwide with Animated-GIF-, Multiple-ICO-, and Multipage-TIFF- support!
Malcolm Drury >
Universal text file viewer.
File viewing utility for DOS, allows you to view and print files in the following formats: - WordPerfect 5.0 to 7.0, - Word for Windows 1.0 to 8.0, - Word for DOS, - Ami Pro, - Wordstar, - Windows Write - Windows Notepad (ANSI), - Microsoft Publisher, - Rich Text Format (RTF), - ASCII files, - ANSI files, - UNIX files, - HTML tagged files, - ClarisWorks (basic support only). Prints or saves all or part of (lines containing or omitting specified text) the file viewed. Search text strings, including across multiple files. Converts between ASCII and ANSI. Save files in a format suitable for importing into word processors (w/o hard return at the line-end). Can be customized for display color and printing, display and memory features.
Highly recommended if you want a small (just 90 kB!), fast, yet versatile word processor/text file -viewer for DOS.
Freeware   No Nags
dBVIEW 2.1
T. A. Kulaga  
DOS database file viewer.
Displays dBASE III+, dBASE IV, FoxBase, and FoxPro format database files. Supports memo fields, read-only files, mouse. Intended as Shareware replacement for the Norton Commander DBVIEW program, but, of course, also very valuable as an XTreeGold/ZTreeWin viewer! Pretty small (81kB), fast and very handy!
Shareware US$ 10,- Nag screens
^ 71 kB DOS
Kim G. Henkel >
This is a public beta of the text-mode Win32 .DBF viewer for ZTreeWin. It supports browse and record format display of all dBase-compatible databases, including ones with memo fields. This viewer is integrated with ZTreeWin to share the same colour palette, and accept the current search string when invoked.

Requires ZTreeWin v1.30, already included in all v1.50 or later packages. Installation: Copy ZTW_VDBF.EXE to your ZTreeWin directory, highlight a .DBF, and hit 'O'pen.

^ 45 kB Win 9x-XP
ViewHTML 2.5
Kevin Solway >
"Quickie HTML viewer and converter. A very useful tool for viewing web documents off-line, with hypertext linking and colours. You can also use this program to simply convert HTML documents to standard text files. Uses XMS for large files. Copy text to Windows clipboard. inks to your main web browser."
This fast and tiny (64kB) utility for a quick view on html-documents in pure text-mode supports just the basic tags (no tables, for instance), but is nevertheless very handy as a XTree/ZTree plugin!
^ 73 kB DOS
FAICO Inf.Solutions >
"NavRoad is a small, powerful off-line HTML browser. It runs like the wind and can even run off a floppy. It will run on any Windows machine (even a 286!), no winsock.dll or Internet connection required. NavRoad supports all HTML 2 tags and most HTML 3 tags as well as Client Side Image Maps (CSIM). Easy association with Helper applications. Image Cache to speed up displaying. Export HTML files as plain text."
NavRoad is a powerful, fast, and comparatively small offline viewer, supporting most common tags (now also frames). It will install without polluting the win\sys-dir or the registry, no install routine required! A great utility to browse through your local HTML files!
Shareware US$ 35,- Nag screens
    Win 3.1/95-XP
Ralph Schaefer  
DOS ANSI file viewer.
NoAnsi is a very handy program that lets you view ANSI drawings with escape sequences and colors without installing ANSI.SYS into memory. You can save memory, and eliminate the danger of ANSI BOMBS which are ANSI files that redefine your keyboard to do things like format your hard disk.

Include it in XTG's/Ztree's application menu with a script like this:
   @echo off
   c:\noansi\noansi %1

^ 29 kB DOS
Evolution Computing >
View32 is the stand-alone CAD drawing viewer by Evolution Computing, the makers of powerful CAD software like FastCAD, FastCAD 3D and EasyCAD2. View32, a stand-alone CAD viewer built with FastCAD's engine, is now available as a free download. Quickly view & print 2D CAD drawings. Supported formats include FCW, FCD, ECW, DWG, and DXF. A zipped version is also available, enabling you to install from floppy disks. For the first time, Evolution Computing has released its high-performance FastCAD engine in the form of a read-only viewer. Use View32 to view CAD drawings created in FastCAD 32, EasyCAD 32, FastCAD/DOS, and EasyCAD for Windows. View32 also has converters that let you load and view AutoCAD-compatible 2D DWG and DXF drawing files (up to AutoCAD release 14). For individual users, there is no charge for View32! You can download it for free directly from the link above. All you are asked for is to register.


Joseph H. Allen >
Joe is a powerful, multi-file/windows capable editor, which optionally offers a close WordStar (also Emacs or Pico) keystroke emulation. It originally has been written for UNIX systems, but compiled executable versions for DOS are available, too (see links below for download). Excellent choice if you want a free, WordStar-compatible editor replacement for XTree's "1Word"!

For more information see also: >
Users interested in the latest source distribution can download it at the
^respective Sourceforge download page.

^ (ver 2.2, stable)
^ (ver 2.8, beta)
366 kB
261 kB
Eric Meyer >
VDE is a powerful, WordStar keystroke compatible, text editor with many unusual word processing features. Multiple files, windows; auto format; macros; menus or WordStar commands; multiple file formats; many printing features; extensive customization; and much more. Shareware. Registered users get a spelling checker. Another recommended WordStar-compatible editor to substitute XTree's "1Word"!
pE - The 'perfect' Editor 5.51
Just Excellent Software Inc  
pE - The 'perfect' Editor truly has to be counted among the most powerful DOS Editors around! It is fast, handy, reasonable sized and versatile. Some of pE's features: Search for text anywhere on your hard drive, CD-ROM, or Network Drive, and load up to 128 files simultaneously containing search text for edit and viewing. Uses virtual memory, therefore easily handles multi-Megabyte file sizes (up to 32MB tested). It additionally has a word processor mode and is able to import WordPerfect, Microsoft DOS/Win-Word & Write and AmiPro file formats. All hotkeys and color selections are entirely configurable, so it can be fitted perfectly into the XTree appearance. Search and replace 'Regular Expressions' (non-explicit patterns). Built-in hex editor, calendar, calculator, macros and much more. Despite the 200+ features, the main executable file is pretty small (211 kB) and very easy to handle.
Don't worry if you use this 16bit DOS app under Win95, of course it cannot *create* Long File Names, but if you just edit your files and save the results, it will only rewrite the file contents to the disk and keep LFNs undamaged.
See also the |tip below on usage with XTree/ZTree.
Shareware US$ 49,- Nag screens
^ 415 kB DOS
Paul Brand >
PEDIT: "short for Program Editor, is similar to the DOS EDIT program, but more powerful, and with many additional features for programmers. It includes pop-up tables, column support, macro key, undo, copy & paste to other Windows applications, long filenames, 28/43/50 lines mode, word wrap, spell checker, thesaurus, and much more."
Not to be mixed up with the above mentioned "pE", despite it's similar name; now this one is not as powerful as the former, it can load only one file at a time, but is a smaller and faster loading alternative. Surely one of the most handy Freeware DOS editors around!

How to load multiple files into pE - The 'Perfect' Editor from within XTree/ZTree:

- Create a file "ped.bat" in your XTreeGold/ZTreeWin directory that contains the following:
   c:\ped\pe.exe @%1
  (if "c:\ped\" is the path where you have installed the editor "pe.exe")
- Tag all the files you want to edit
- If located in different drives/paths choose 'B'ranch-/'S'howall-/'G'lobal-view
- Optional: hit Ctrl-F4 (to show only tagged files on the screen)
- Invoke batch-processing by pressing Ctrl-'B'
- Enter a filename with a ".ped" extension (e.g.: "list.ped")
- At "line mask" enter  "%1"  if in XTree, or  "%7"  if in ZTree
- Move the highlight bar to the newly created file (e.g."list.ped") and hit 'O'pen
- Finished: now all files you have tagged can be edited simultaneously in pE, each one in a separate window (cascaded by default).


File Investigator 1.10
Rob Zirnstein >
File Investigator is a file type indentifier engine which detects more than 300 types of files by their content, rather than filename extension. It also extracts information out of many file types, such as company-, product- and file-version from exe-/dll-files, image resolutions, document titles, etc. . Background info on each file type is additionally supplied. File Investigator is able to correct a wrong file extension and to identify files and information that even Windows does not recognize. Extremly useful for instance to key out selfextracting-, Install Shield-, etc. files.
Furthermore it returns an error level identifying a file, and that's the feature which makes it extremely valuable to be used as a resourceful and highly versatile ZTreeWin viewing add-on utility! Read more on how to use the File Investigator as a ZTreeWin universal file viewing add-on in the }fiprop.txt text file!
Shareware US$ 10,- Nag screens
JP Software >
4DDOS is a ''-replacement to overcome the limitations of standard DOS commands. 4DOS adds features like shorthand "aliases" for commonly used commands, a pop-up directory history window, simple command-line editing, history and recall, a 'Fast Find' command that can quickly locate files or text within a file anywhere on your system, box and line drawing capabilities, moreover sophisticated new batch commands like subroutines, IF/THEN/ELSE logic, SWITCH, exception handling, full-loop control, error handling, single step operation for debugging. Furthermore 4DOS has over 70 built-in variables include system configuration, device status, network drive detection, and free memory and disk space.
4DOS is truly a classic and an important enhancement to the power of the command line, which can very well be used also from within XTree/ZTree environment! (See also the |4DOS-XTree/ZTree tips below.
    DOS, Win95-ME/NT, or OS/2
EXE To CAB 3.1
Yuri Niyazov  
EXE To CAB is a Win95 GUI or command line driven application designed to convert SFX CAB files (like the one from the Microsoft's web or ftp sites) to standard CAB files that can be viewed with Win95's EXTRACT utility, the MS PowerToy's 'Cab File Viewer', or (most comfortable) with ZTreeWin's open archive facilities. EXE To CAB will strip the self-extracting starting code from the files, giving you a chance to browse or virus-scan the archive's contents first.
To use it with ZTreeWin, highlight the SFX-CAB file you want to convert, hit Alt-'B'atch (or include an application menu entry), and enter the following: C:\exe2cab\exe2cab.exe "%1" "" (Assumed that "c:\exe2cab" is your 'exe2cab' program path). This creates a .cab file in the same directory, which now can easily be accessed with ZTreeWin's Alt-F5 command.
^ 25 kB Win95
Southriver Technologies >
This is the most clever Internet utility I've ever come across so far, because it does nothing less than to enable ZTreeWin (and all other Win95 file managers) to operate as an FTP client!!!

How does this work ? WebDrive is the first and only Windows 95 Internet utility which allows you to map almost any Internet FTP site to a local drive. This enables you to connect to an FTP site and then perform familiar file operations like copy, xcopy, and directory functions with any Win95 file manager or even from the DOS box.
WebDrive instantly FTP enables any application that reads or writes files by allowing the application to read files from or write files to the FTP site. Until now, in order to upload or download files from an FTP site, you needed to run a client FTP utility that presented a user interface to manually select the files to transfer. WebDrive makes the FTP site an extension of the file system which enables you to use any application you like to upload or download files to the FTP site transparently.

The only bad news is, that DOS applications like XTree seem not to work properly; logging with XTreeGold was possible just to the directories below root, but nothing further. If you have made similar or different experiences, please post your reports to the XTree Forum.

However, when using ZTreeWin, the tool works great, see the }screenshot of ZTreeWin logged to Netscape's FTP site. Pretty cool, isn't it?

Commercial US$ 39,95 Trial version available
Crystal Software >
LFNit! restores long filenames after any old DOS software has screwed them up. For example, if you create a ZIP-archive with XTree, all your long filenames normally would be lost. By including the batch file created by LFNit!, you can restore all long filenames after you unzip the files. LFNit! is absolutely safe because it does not use direct disk access. Therefore it is fully Windows 95/98/NT and FAT32 compatible.

You simply run LFNit! in the affected directory before you use the old software (or run it on the entire drive at boot time), run the old program, and then run the batch file created by LFNit! to restore the long filenames. What could be simpler?

LFNit! can be driven from the command line with many handy options, it is relatively small (approx. 400 kB), easy to install (just a single executable file), an essential utility when using XTreeGold or any other DOS file manipulating software under Windows 9x/NT !

Also refer to topic XTreeGold handling Long File Names under Win9x/NT! at the More Tricks section for a concrete example, and have a look at the }LFNit! readme-file.

Commercial US$ 40,-  

Some handy 4DOS tricks with XTree/ZTree:
- To copy the contents of a text-file to the windows clipboard:
  Highlight a text file, hit Alt-'B'atch, and enter:
   type "%1">CLIP:
- More tips to come...!


Any comments, questions, suggestions, new recipes,
    anything missing or anything not working as described on your system ?
        ---> Then please post your message to the XTree Forum

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