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With the XTree Fan Page (XTFP), dedicated to the legendary XTree(tm) File Manager, I try to collect and publish any ever available information on XTree and it's history. Of course this project will be a work in progress (as everything else on the web should be) and I try to frequently update this site with any new information I get hold of.
And of course I warmly welcome all kinds of comments, criticism, suggestions, and any information  on XTree not yet published here.

Don't hesitate to ] me, or sign my Guestbook - and I thank you very much in advance!



(in alphabetical order)

Special thanks to:
o Greg Akers - for his committed joining of XTree and ZTree discussions
o Werner Bregulla - for introducing the XTree feeling to Linux with his ytree
o Laurent Duchastel - for his inspiring comments on XTree and related utilities
o Gernot Einsiedler - for his kind donations to me
o Victor Garcia - for the first homepage on ZTree and XTree and some valuable ideas
o Kim G. Henkel - for taking things in his own hand and reviving XTree in a heroic one-man show
o Jeffrey C. Johnson - for his tremendous work on the XTree code from the very start
o Rob Juergens - for donating all Unix and Linux systems the one and only serious filemanager...
o Michael J. Karas - for contributing comprehensive stories from the XTree history
o Dan LeGate - for his committed joining of XTree and ZTree discussions
o Kevin Packard - for contributing rare information about the XTreeMac story
o Heiko Reysen - for it was his initiative that sparked my XTree-addiction all off...
o Tom Ruben - for his skilled articles and tips'n'tricks collection
o Bruce Tober - for supplying valuable articles and helping to improve my writing style

Thanks very very much to all of you, and to all the others not explicitely mentioned, who have been writing me and contributing lots of new ideas and valuable hints. Without you, the XTree Fan Page never would have become what it is now !



The first version of XTree has been a single file with just 35 kB in size, while the last DOS version (3.01) took more than 3 MB of space after installation and finally, the last ever version, XTreeGold for Windows 4.0, already consumed after installation nearly 10 MB of hard disk space!

And also the XTree Fan Page (XTFP) has experienced a hefty development since it's debut:
The first XTFP release consisted of 10 files with 67 kB in size, while the current version has more than a thousend files taking some umpteen MegaBytes (! - the actual number of files and size is shown on the "HOMEPAGE statistics" column of the Directory page and is calculated online by a CGI-script call).

Well, and for the real freaks of you I have supplied the very first version of the XTree Fan Page from Sep-22-1997 >right here for browsing through and wondering how much has changed in the meantime.

And I won't fail to stress, that many of the additions made have only been possible thanks to the visitors of the XTFP, thanks to *you*, supplying me many valuable hints, documents, files and ideas.
So stay tuned and keep in touch, there's still many things to do in the future!
The XTree story will probably (it is to be hoped) never end !



How my XTree addiction evolved...
...shortly after buying my first ever x86 PC in 1990 (which had MS DOS 3.3 as standard OS, no Windows yet), a friend of mine has drawn my attention to a program called "XTreePro". He strongly recommended this one for any filemanaging tasks, and I became used to it very quickly, and from then on I wouldn't work on any PC anymore whithout my beloved XTree available. Anytime, when friends have asked me to help with some problems on their DOS/Win3.1 system, I *always* had a floppy with me, which included all the "XTreePro" program files, and the very first step always has been to run XTreePro from it. I couldn't imagine how to seriously work on any PC without this unequalled XTree interface.
Then, one time, I finally switched to Win95, and XTreeGold couldn't handle long file names, and its memory limitations caused nasty problems with growing hard disk capacities. But, the cure was there, and I was excited when I discovered that Kim Henkel's great "ZTreeWin" brought back all the beloved XTree interface and hotkeys. Moreover, not only it is (through its OS/2 "ZTreeBold" forefather) the first ever serious XTree clone around, but also still the most close and perfect one (credit to Kimbo) !
Well, and finally I have switched from the socalled Windows "Operating" systems to Linux some years ago, and I was terribly glad to have a fast, stable and reliant operating system now. However, there was one thing I desperately was missing, my beloved "XTree" wasn't there anymore to assist me in any filemanaging tasks. Soon I was glad to have the opportunity to use "ytree", although the latters capabilities unfortunately are somewhat limited, so it could not help with some particular advanced tasks I was used to perform with XTreeGold respectively ZTreeWin.
So, at this time, I had no other chance than to get used to the console-mode filemanager "reference" under Linux, the "Midnight Commander". And although this is truly one of the most powerful filemanagers around, and it served me well for many needs, I never could get used to this crazy directory and file mixing screen, nor to this odd keyboard interface, nobody knows why to hit "F5" when he wants to 'C'opy a file...
Well, and now Rob Juergens fabulous "xtree for UNIX Systems"-revival came into play under its new name "UnixTree", and I can't say how glad I was to have my XTree-feeling back under Linux!



Some time ago I began to collect old XTree versions and, until now,
I have all in all 36 different ones:

XTree 1.06, XTree 1.06-German, XTree 2.00, XTree 2.00E,, XTree 2.02Eq,
XTreePro 0.134/0.150, XTreePro 1.0, XTreePro 1.1,
XTreeProGold 1.3, XTreeProGold 1.4,
XTreeProGold 1.43, XTreeProGold 1.44, XTreeProGold 1.45-Spanish,
XTreeGold 2.00, XTreeGold 2.00-German,
XTreeEasy 1.00, XTreeEasy 1.00-German,
XTreeGold 2.5, XTreeGold 2.5-German, XTreeGold 2.51,
XTreeGold 2.55, XTreeGold 2.55-German,
XTreeGold 3.0, XTreeGold 3.01, XTreeGold 3.01-German,
XTreeNet 3.01,
XTree for Windows 1.01a-German, XTree for Windows 1.01d,
XTree for Windows 1.5-German,
XTree for Windows 2.0, XTree for Windows 2.0-German,
XTreeGold for Windows 4.0, XTreeGold for Windows 4.0-German,
XTreeMac 1.02,
xtree for UNIX Systems 1.0, xtree for UNIX Systems 1.1
(Original English versions unless otherwise stated)




The XTree Fan Page has a new address on the web since June 10th 2001, that is:

This replaces the old one:
which now simply redirects the visitor to the new address.

Note that *neither* the very first address
*nor* its temporary virtual address ""
are valid any more !

This site (C) 1997-2018 by >Mathias Winkler, Muenchen/Germany
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