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The XTree and -clones genealogical tree
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  XTree 2 manual, 1985
Frontpage of the XTree 2 manual from 1985
(It's aligned oblique in reality, too!)
An electronic version of the third edition of this manual
can be found within the xtree2.exe-archive on this site.

...quoted from the ZEDIT.TXT file of XTreeGold 3.0(1) :

#if A
    #if B
        /* {[( /* */ { } ( ) [ ] " '?' " #if #endif )]} */

        if ((XTree.Gold[version] == 3) || (! XTree_Easy[hho]))
            if (XTree_Prune( "NORTON", "PRUNE" ) == OKAY)
                XTree_Dialog( "Wise choice!" );
                XTree_Dialog( "Is Todd in the room?" );

-- thanx to 'fish' for that hint!
Now, who is Todd ?
Jeffrey C. Johnson tells:

"Todd Walker ... tech support ... whenever I released a version for internal testing I would include a hidden feature or plant a harmless but new bug ... we'd have an informal contest to see who could find it first ... and it was usually Todd ... but I won a few: things so deeply hidden nobody found it.

'The Game' ended up being called 'Stump Todd', but the purpose was to ensure the tech support crew knew every detail of the program. And it also ensured that very few bugs ended up in final releases."

(Thanks very much to >Jeffrey C. Johnson
for handing down that anecdote!)

  XTreeGold 2.0 advertisement, 1991
XTreeGold 2.0 advertisement, 1991
XTreeGold 2.5 flyer :
page1 page2 page3 page4
}Page 1 }Page 2 }Page 3 }Page 4

-- thanx to 'Kimbo' for supplying!
xtree for UNIX Systems flyer:
XTU flyer 1 XTU flyer 2

-- thanx to 'Kimbo' for supplying!
>SunWorld award for xtree for UNIX Systems in 1992:
  SunWorld award for xtree for UNIX Systems
Sun Microsystem's magazine "SunWorld" in 1992 named
"xtree for UNIX" as its Product of the Year in the Utilities category.
-- thanx to Rob for supplying!
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