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    Up And Running With Xtreegold 2
    by Robin Merrin

A fast-paced introduction in 20 basic lessons for XTreeProGold 1 and XTreeGold 2

Publisher: Sybex Inc.
Date Published: January 1991
Total Pages: 144
ISBN: 0895888203
Initial Retail Price: $9,95
[Order N/A]

    Official XTree MS-DOS and Hard Disk Management Companion
    by Beth Woods

First/second edition (third edition |see below)
Publisher: IDG Books
Date Published: March 1991
ISBN 187805807X
  or 1878058223

    Xtree Made Easy
    by Mike Callahan and Nick Anis

"A guide to both the basics and the advanced features of the file management utility program which, in its latest version, has become a full-featured DOS shell. Covers all versions, including XTreePro, XTreePro Gold, XTreeGold 2.0, and XTree Easy, and also provides an overview of XTreeNet."
Book News, Inc., 10/01/91
Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or. 
Publisher: Osborne McGraw-Hill
Date Published: July 1991
ISBN: 0078817110
Initial Retail Price: $19,95 (may vary now!)

    Que's Guide to XTree
    by Brian Underdahl
Publisher: Que Education & Training
Date Published : October 1991 ISBN 088022777X

    The First Book of XTree Gold (First Book Series)
    by Jonathan Kamin
Publisher: Sams
Date Published : June 1992
ISBN 0672273683

    10 Minute Guide To XTree For Windows
    by Robert E. Waring
Publisher: Alpha Books
Date Published : July 1992
ISBN 0672302470

    Official XTree MS-DOS, Windows and Hard Disk Management Companion
    by Beth Slick

The only official guide to XTree -- "covers the new Windows version, and MS-DOS versions, too !"
The book's two-in-one approach gives readers a thorough understanding of how to organize a hard disk, then use the XTree programs. "Full of helpful information on running a hard-disk-equipped personal computer with a minimum of hassle." -- The New York Times.

Shows how to use all versions of the hard disk management program XTree, including the version for Windows, with full information on commands, making directories, launching other programs from XTree, and similar topics.

Third edition (first/second edition |see above)

Publisher: IDG Books
Date Published: November 1992
Total Pages: 400
ISBN 1878058576
Initial Retail Price: $19,95 (may vary now!)


    XTree Taschenreferenz
    Hrsg.: Krieger, Zander & Partner GmbH

This pocket reference ("Taschenreferenz") explains all functions and facilities of the programs XTreeProGold (up to version 1.43), XTreePro and XTree.

Publisher: Markt & Technik Verlag AG
Date Published: 1990
Total Pages: 204
ISBN: 3890909469
Retail Price: DEM 25,-
[Order N/A]

    XTree Gold 2.0 -
    Funktionsbeschreibungen und Einsatzmöglichkeiten
    by P.Enghofer

"Operational field and description of XTreeGold 2.0"

Publisher: tewi
Date Published: 1991/92
Total Pages: 288
ISBN: 2893621431
Retail Price: DEM 59,-
[Order N/A]


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