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Quoted from the original 1990 announcement:
"XTree 2.00E is an evaluation version - try it for 30 days at no cost. This version is similar to the first version of XTree that came out in the mid-80's and can be considered a collectors item. This self-extracting ZIP-file also includes a 32-page documentation/manual."
Shareware from late XTree Company.

*Warning*: This is a Shareware distribution of the second ever version of XTree, released in 1985, at a time when 10 MB or so hard disks still were an expensive and optional device, and common 5.25" floppies had a typical capacity of 180 or 360 kB ! So the maximum of 2,500 files and 180 directories XTree 2 is able to log were absolutely sufficient theses days, however, you definitely won't be able to log any of today's hard disks with such limitations !! So remember, this package is nothing but a kind of *museum_exhibit*, which you can run on a floppy disk just for fun, but not at all this is a file manager for any serious use on a modern computer system !!!

DOS 2.0
(or above)

611 kB

FileMaster is a file manager modeled very closely to XTreeGold. It provides exactly the same screen, user interface and hotkeys as the former. Furthermore some additional commands are supplied, for example extended archiving capabilities (prepared for dealing with new PKZip as well as RAR versions). Program comes with a German and an English version, while most texts are German language only (yet).

Freeware by Martin Amelsberg and Michael Weber (c) 1995-97.
(See also the corresponding "Clones"-entry).

DOS 3.3
(or above)

1.234 kB

"ZTreeWin is a text-mode file/directory manager for Windows 32bit operating systems. It has been developed as a native Win32 alternative to the DOS product XTreeGold (tm), now that its makers have abandoned further development. Whilst you are surely well aware of the virtues of XTreeGold, you know the disadvantages of it being a 16-bit DOS program. Kim G. Henkel wrote ZTreeWin to provide all the functionality we are so accustomed to, while avoiding all the DOS imposed limitations."
Shareware by Kim G. Henkel (c) 1996-2006. US-$ 29,95
(See also the corresponding "Clones"-entry).

(or above)

1.6 MB

Try out Norton Navigator for Windows 95 with the latest release of the Norton Navigator File Manager Trial Edition! With this new version, you can try out the file management functionality of Norton Navigator and take a look at the new, improved performance of the product. The Trial Edition is a special 30 day version of the Norton File Manager, one of the major components of Norton Navigator. It will provide you with powerful file management tools including zipping, file comparison, and folder synchronization. The Internet tools will allow you to access FTP sites right from the File Manager and drag and drop files the same way you would on any network drive. There is even an option for former XTree Gold users to use the familiar XTree Gold keystrokes in the File Manager.
Trialware by Symantec (c) 1995/96.
(See also the corresponding "Clones"-entry).


200 kB

This is an executable binary of "ytree" version 1.64 (initially written for Unix systems), compiled with >DJGPP and ready-to-run under Win9x (and possibly NT) systems, thus providing a free of charge 32bit XTree clone for a couple of different operating systems. But be warned, this is still a user interface designed for Unix-like environments, so some things may look somewhat strange on a Win32 system, or even won't work at all! Most important of all to know, ytree always scans *the_entire* directory tree, from where it is called from, so if you run it from "C:\" it reads in you entire disk "C" (and this may take a while on some systems...).
Please also refer to the corresponding "Clones"-entry.
>GNU-software by Werner Bregulla 1998


3,559 kB

Calypso 1.01 - Advanced file manager for Windows 9x/NT. If you liked XTreeGold you will love Calypso. It has many features including support for huge hard disk partitions of over 2 Gb in size (NTFS and FAT32), ZIP and UNZIP support built-in (WinZip like), superfast file handling, security options (several file removal methods and operation logging), multimedia "quickview" and "quickplay" capabilities (AVI, WAV and MID), Norton Commander and XTree Gold keyboard shortcut templates, fully customizable, powerful system information, CD-ROM "instant load" with ability to search for files on cached CD-ROMs, MS Office 97 look, the amazing 'Tag Wizard' for ultimate file selection, powerful file-finder, drag 'n' drop techniques, incredible and comprehensive directory or disk statistics, graphics viewer for most graphics file formats, and many more. Replaces a raft of tools.

Also, refer to the corresponding "Clones"-entry.
Shareware by Sight & Sound 1997


4,343 kB

Disk Haunting 1.0c is a file browser/manager for Windows 9x/NT. Extremelly powerful, similar to an old DOS product. It supports a wide range of file formats, multimedia support, text, Hex. Zip / ARJ compression. Slide view, slide hear. CD audio support. Performs things never be seen in a Windows95 program. Spanish language version also available as an option.

Also, refer to the corresponding "Clones"-entry.
Shareware by Diego Sendra 1997





For downloads of XTree clones for Unix/Linux systems,
please refer to the Linux section !



1 kB

New XTGOLD.COM for use with QEMM, EMM386 and PC-CACHE   
Solves any discrepancies you may be having with XTreeGold 2.5 and QEMM, EMM386 or certain CACHE software. 
XTG 2.5
482 kB

Various viewer overlay updates for XTreeGold 2.5 
For details see }xtg25vup.txt
XTG 2.5
42 kB

Enables unzipping of PKZIP 2.04g files in XTreeGold v2.5
XTG 2.5
56 kB

Allows file extraction of PK Zip 2.04g files in XTree Win 1.5
XTW 1.5
58 kB

Updates XTree Win 1.5 to version 1.5c
XTW 1.5
61 kB

Patch allows LFN's in XTGW 4.0 under Win95
}(See Symantec's remarks)

XTGW 4.0
681 kB

Updates XTW 1.0x to version 1.01d , along with a new AutoCAD viewer (Note: this is NOT an update for XTGW 4.0, as Symantecs maintains on their pages !)
XTW 1.0x
24 kB

ADMIN.OVL fix for XTreeNet 2.07 installation. Some early shipped versions of XTreeNet 2.07 did not have the ADMIN.OVL file on the disk, required for proper installation.  Unzip and follow the README if you are having installation problems with XTreeNet 2.07.
XTN 2.07
4 kB

New XTNET.COM for use with ODI drivers, NASI and Print Spoolers solves incompatibilities with aforementioned software and XTreeNet version 2.0 to 2.06
XTN 2.0 
to 2.06
15 kB

New XTNET.COM to use with Windows. A new XTNET.COM (named XTNETW.COM) that works under Windows. Please  note that the Remote Access functions will not work with this COM file.
46 kB

Zip 2.0 Update File for XTreeNet 2.55 & 2.56. This XTN_ZIP2.XTP overlay provides Zip 2.0 file extraction capabilities to users of XTreeNet versions 2.55 and 2.56. It will not operate on earlier versions of XTreeNet.
XTN 2.55 
& 2.56
18 kB
This file resolves conflict between Cheyenne's DOS Agent TSR and XTreeNet's remote logging function.  This will solve similar problems with Maynard's workstation backup TSR.  This also fixes several problems inherent in XTNet, including ODI drivers/Lock up, PS-PRINT and WordPerfect Office printer spools, and NASI Interface problems.
XTN 2.07

4 kB

XTree Font Changer. This will change the font for your screen from the command line. Choices are:  
Option Rows Font
n 25 san-serif
s 35+ san-serif
v 25 VGA san-serif
25 25 standard
43 43+ standard
Usage:> XTG_FONT [option]

This program from XTree Company is a great tool for setting the display mode of XTree(Pro)Gold and will even work properly in the DOS box of Windows95.

49 kB

"SuperOPEN for XtreeGold" enables the XtreeGold function 'O'pen to choose among a list of applications to run, and to pass fixed or variabel arguments to the application. This will help experienced users to easily set up this options without editing the batch files. You can use SuperOPEN to:
- Extract ARJ, ZOO, LZH, LHA ... files to *where you want*
- Hear the music files (mid, wav, etc.) with the program you want
- Edit or view a file (txt, doc, etc.) with what you want
- and *MANY* other things!!!
Freeware by Rustom Xavier.

NOTE: Before configuring this resourceful utility for ZTreeWin, you have to place a file named "xtg.exe" in your ZTree directory; you don't need the real XTreeGold executable file to do this, because the contents of the file is irrelevant, it can be a line of plain text or anything else. The configuration routine just looks for a file named "xtg.exe" in the directory specified as "XTreeGold" path.

3 kB

"Xtcon" is a configuration quick-selector for XTree(Pro)Gold (and can also be used with ZTreeWin), written by Robin Clarke. It starts Xtree with any of 7 selectable configuration files (Xtgold.cfg), for different screen colours, editors, log-options etc.
The DOS utility "" is required and must be on the DOS path.
Xtree is started from Xtcon by selecting a configuration. Changes made within Xtree to this configuration may later be saved as an update to that configuration option by re-running Xtcon and choosing Option "S". Xtcon is useful for a) boot floppies for general use where the video and other hardware might be different, b) experimenting with improvements to colours etc so that different styles may be quickly compared, c) making sure your favourite setup is backed up and easily retrievable after some inadvertent configuration changes (like accidentally returning to the default).
Freeware by Robin Clarke.

3 kB

This mouse menu will allow you to use a Microsoft or compatible mouse with XTree/XTreePro.
Supported functions are in TREE display:
- left mouse button = ENTER (switch to FILES display)
- right mouse button = Q (quit XTree).
In the FILES display:
- left mouse button = TAG a file,
- right mouse button = UNTAG a file,
- both mouse buttons at the same time = ENTER (return to TREE display).

Freeware by Guruka Singh Khalsa.

27 kB

Convert ARC files to ZIP format from the command. This utility automatically converts files compressed with the ARC format  into files with the ZIP format. Also can take one huge ZIP file, and split it among many diskettes without the need to unZIP it first! From XTree Company.
All versions
20 kB
Renames directories that were named only by extension (".XXX") with XTreeNet. Usage: XRENDIR directory-name new-directory-name. From XTree Company.
All versions
37 kB
"Tadzio's File Compare 2.21 is a small, fast side-by-side file compare utility for Windows NT and Windows 95. Character mode application, designed as a stand-alone program or plug-in for ZTreeWin. Sophisticated file resync mechanism, capable of comparing very large files." Sample TFC.BAT for use with ZTreeWin: @C:\ZTREE\TFC.EXE -d %4 %5
Freeware by Daniel Schroeder.
See German homepage: >

- INFO -

16 kB
This is a ton of information that is not found in the current manual that comes with XTreeTools for Networks.
for Networks 
6 kB
On cables that can be used with XTreeLink. These notes are intended to clarify misunderstandings regarding cables supported by XTreeLink.
(comes with
XTG 2.5
or above
and XTW)


Last updated 05-22-18
Xtree, XtreeGold and XtreeLink are registered trademarks of Symantec Inc.
Windows and Windows95 are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
Other brands and products are trademarks of their respective holders.

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