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Jeffrey C Johnson: >

- this is the homepage of the man who has bred XTree, the software engineer who wrote the first XTree versions ever, as well as playing the main part of coding any of the XTree for DOS versions around.
Finally, since November 2000, Jeffrey C. Johnson has received the domain name, he deserves: !
(Also, refer to the respective XTFP Peoples entry).

Symantec technical "support", among others on XTree: >

- still *some* information left on XTree, if you manage to click through some dozen times...
Structure and URL of these pages changes so frequently, and is so terribly structured, that I gave up to link to the particular sub-sub-sub-sub-...-pages - you have to find them on your own... :-(

At least, there are provided to some extent interesting issues (although nothing substantial that isn't presented on the XTFP, too).
The section 'Ask a Tech' has been removed some time ago, producing evidence that Symantec has not the least interest to furthermore support XTree in every respect. Anyhow, as long as this service was alive, 9 out of 10 queries have been answered either with "try to uninstall and reinstall", or "sorry, but this product is no longer updated/supported", or, even worse, "sorry, we don't know that by ourselfs" (!) - more comments superfluous...

Even worse, Symantec, under the headline "XTree, Y2K Alert!" recently went so far as to claim that "this product is not Y2K compliant" !! Alone, this is nothing but rubbish, made by people who haven't got the foggiest idea of what they're talking about...
In fact, any XTree version *is* Y2K compliant, just try it and you'll see it works: XTFP FAQ: Is XTree "Y2K" (year 2000) compatible ?

Sutton Library Computer Club: >

- three utmost readable articles on XTree there to be found in section >articles/software
  (the latest one, "XTree tips" by Tom Ruben is now also published on the XTFP,
  entirely filling the More Tips - section)

Schrege Voegel:  >

- featuring the XTreePro 1.1 version
(a German-language site, although recommended for English speaking people as well; see by your own, why...)

Xtree & WIN95/98:  >

- Here you'll find some tips about running XTree(Gold) under Windows 95/98 and avoiding common quirks. By Michael Paine.

Using XTreeNet:  >

- Some hints on using XTreeNet on a NetWare volume
This is just one single page with rather few text, but anyhow, there are some nice XTreeNet screenshots...

[ and fortunately I have been able to ferret out their new address... ;-) ]

The XTree Alternative:  >

- An article worth reading by Robin Clarke about XTree in general and about using XTree as filemanager alternative on the >HP Palmtop in particular.
This text is from issue 47 (Sept./Oct.1999) of the >HP Palmtop Paper magazine.

XTree History in Latvian:  >

- Just in case you prefer to read the XTree history not in English, but rather in Latvian, this is the right page for you....



ZTreeWin Unofficial Homepage:  >

- Victor Garcia's site is intended to support Kim Henkel's great work on his XTreeGold clone "ZTree", while also covering some XTreeGold topics.
The site's >ZTreeWinForum meanwhile became a heavily frequented place of all kinds of discussion about ZTreeWin development issues.

ZTreeWin versus Explorer:  >

- Under the subtitle "Explorer Can't but ZtreeWin Can" (yes, that's quoted verbatim ...) Len Miller lists and describes ZTreeWin commands and functions that the MS Win9x/NT Explorer does not provide (? - at least, that's the way I understood the site's goal ...).
However, this is nevertheless a page worth reading, with lots of details, assembled with endeavour.

ZTree Manual:  >

- This is a nicely html formatted online version of the new and detailed ZTreeWin manual.

"ZTree Win Updates old XTree Gold" by Dale Farris: >

- An article introducing ZTreeWin


"Bleeding Edge" by Charles Wright from The Age Green Guide, February 22, 1998: >

- A review on ZTreeWin

ZTree SOS Page:  >

- Some interesting tips, trivia and links on ZTreeWin (and bit of XTree, too)

File Forum's ZTreeWin entry:  >

- Contains a number of nice ZTreeWin user reviews

Inside Track by John C. Dvorak from PC Magazine, September 22, 1998:  >

- The original article contains, among other issues, towards the end of the article, a kind reference to "ZTreeWin", Kim Henkels's great XTreeGold clone for Win9x/NT !

Unfortunately, this artilce is no longer accessible for free online, you have to register and pay before reading any further... :-(

"Boronia boy is king of the file managers" [sic !]:

- Was an interesting article with some background on ZTree and its history by Charles Wright

Unfortunately, this page is gone, what survived is only an abstract at Zedtek's reviews page: >



The Orthodox File Manager (OFM) Paradigm:  >

- A remarkable skilled article by Dr. Nikolai Bezroukov on some aspects of file managing software, containing, amongst reviews of some other file managers, a number of references to particular unique XTree capabilities.

iRider - A innovative web browser from a former XTree programmer:  >

- Ken Broomfield, who was Software Architect and Consultant at ESI/XTree Company from 1983 to 1993, has developed a "fabulous browser" with "unique features that [...] will eventually be standard on all browsers" (John C. Dvorak, PC Magazine).
iRider lets you browse much faster and work with lots of pages and sites at once, and lets you do it much more easily and naturally than with any other browser. Try it out!



Do you know of more substantial XTree resources on the web ?
Then please ] me your references.
Thanks in advance !

Last updated 05-26-18
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