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As you may have seen, this is a hyper-multi-media homepage, which makes highest demands to your system, so you'll need as a minimum configuration Microscapes Internet Exploricator ver., featuring semi-active-direct-XYZ-Ja-Va (compatible hardly to itself); a heartattack-plugin, an AMDentium XXL-III processor at 2 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 1 TeraByte free hard disk space (for this pages wants to set a trillion of cookies), Minisoft's "Window 00" operating system (to be released late 2003 (expected)) ...
Only if you don't like to wait for all this overkill, you could use instead any other browser on any other system.
I have been using XTree since I'm working on PCs, and my first version was an early  pre-release of XTreePro, that served me well (despite a few minor bugs) for a long, long time,  still with Windows 3.1 it worked well.
Nowadays when you measure hard disks capacities in anything but Gigabytes and use Windows95's long file names, good old XTree will get some problems, so I now use marvelous ZTreeWin (thanks a lot to Kim Henkel for this great deed).

Some time ago I began to collect old XTree versions and, until now, I have all in all 9 different ones (the earliest the publicly distributed XTree 2.0 evaluation version  to the last-ever one XTreeGold for Windows 4.0 with an half-hearted patch for Win95).

All kinds of comments, criticism, suggestions, any new information about XTree, etc. is welcome. Please mail to: - Thank you in advance!
Last updated Sep-22-1997
Xtree and XtreeGold are registered trademarks of Symantec Inc.
Microsoft Windows and Windows95 are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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