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A selection of Shareware Xtree clones in alphabetical order :


Name Current version Released Author 
Requ.OS Comments
Calypso 1.1 1997 Sight & Sound 
or NT
This is an extensive and very mighty utility with a great number of additional features. The user interface compares more to XTree's windows versions, which is, let's say, a matter of taste... It runs stable, only seems to be a bit fuzzy in its reaction to user inputs, has many of XTree's hotkeys although they are not shown on the screen.
DisKing 0.5.1alpha 1995 Kevin Athey 
BirdBrain Systems 
or NT
Quite interesting attempt in introducing an appearance which combines XTree DOS layout with a Windows User Interface; regrettably hasn't gone further than an alpha release with a number of bugs, running a bit unstable. Just for testing, not for everydays use.
YTree 1.61 1997 Werner Bregulla 
Unix Looks quite close to original DOS XTree, but unfortunately I couldn't test this for having no Linux system; maybe somebody wants to mail me his experiences? --> 
ZTreeBold 1.75 /  
1996-97 Kim G.Henkel 
BMT Micro 
OS/2 Nearly 100 % the same as the Win95 version (see below)
ZTreeWin 1.20 / 
1996-97 Kim G.Henkel 
BMT Micro  


or NT
The closest! If any program should have the merit to be named "XTree Gold 5.0", then this one ! Although a true 32bit application it runs completely in text mode and has exactly the same layout and user interface as XTreeGold 3.0 DOS. All those, who loved good old XTree and use Win95/NT cannot live without that gem ! Final releases run quite stable and the beta versions are steadily developed. You will find several times a month new betas on the ZTree homepages. Don't miss it! 
Last updated Sep-22-1997
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