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Name Version Released New Features Requ.OS Notes
XTree 1.0 1983/85     Very first version
XTree 2.0 1985/89   DOS 2.0 Also distributed publicly as evaluation version  
XTreePro 0.134 
1987 Text editor, improved memory handling, Command history, Simultaneous logging to different drives, Global view  
  ESI internal (Beta) version, not for resale, therefore still with a few minor bugs 
XTreePro 1.0 1988 Bug fixes    
XTreeProGold 1.0 1988/89 Application menu, Text search, Viewers for various file formats, Extended command history, Split windows, Graft & Prune directories, Mouse support, Archiving capability (ARC), Improved text editor    
XTreeProGold 1.3 1988/89      
XTreeProGold 1.4 1988/89      
XTreeProGold 1.43 1989/90      
XTreeGold 2.0 1990/91 ZIP support, Undelete, Pulldown menus, Partial logging DOS 3.1  
XTreeGold 2.5 1991/92 Graphic Viewers, Treespec, XTreeLink DOS 3.1  
XTreeGold 2.51 1991/92   DOS 3.1  
XTreeGold 2.55 1992/93   DOS 3.1  
XTreeGold 3.0 1993 File compare (JFC), alternative improved editor (Zedit), ZIP 2.0 support   Removed (!): ARC support
XTreeGold 3.01 1993     The last DOS version
WINDOWS versions
XTree for 
1.0 1992   DOS 3.3  
Win 3.0
XTree for 
1.5 1993 Windows for Workgroups support    
XTree for 
1.5c 1993     Update for PKZip 2.04g made available later
XTree for 
2.0 1993      
XTree for 
2.5 1993/94      
for Windows
4.0 1994   DOS 3.3  
Win 3.1
The very last version, a patch for Win95 LFNs made available in the late 1994 as the last ever development for XTree. This release was the first that came no longer from Xtree Company/Executive Systems, but from Central Point, which itself has been taken over by Symantec later that year.
Versions for other
Operating systems
XTree for Unix       Solaris  
Sparc 1.0
XTreeNet 2.0        
for Networks
  1993   Novell  
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Last updated Sep-22-1997
Xtree and XtreeGold are registered trademarks of Symantec Inc.
Windows and Windows95 are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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