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Re: XTRee 2.00E Evaluation Version

Posted By: Mathias Winkler <>
Date: Oct-2-1999 10:21 p.m.

In Response To: Re: XTRee 2.00E Evaluation Version (Greg Akers)

> > 1) sometimes when I run it, the figure for available bytes is shown as a
> > line of ########## s; at others the correct figure is shown. The correct
> > figure has not changed significantly between the various runs
> XTree was never designed to handle gigabyte sized hard disks, they weren't
> generally available for PCs back then. The available bytes display only
> allows 11 characters for a maximum readout of 999,999,999 bytes (only 999
> megabytes)!
And the XTree versions 1 and 2 have a limit of only 8 digits, so
the maximum amount of free space the can display is less than
100 MegaBytes (99,999,999) !

> > 2) it displays in the file window the files in my folders/directories for
> > the top half of the folder/directory tree but there comes a point, when
> > although it will display the folders/directories in the tree, it will not
> > longer display the files
> That's the biggest shortcoming of the 16-bit DOS version of XTree, that it's
> limited to only 640K max. (probably get a lot less) of memory. That's not
> nearly enough for today's big hard disks and gigabytes, instead of megabytes,
> of files.
> > It gives me no error messages such as too many directories/files. Nor do
XTree version 1 and 2 always do only give a very short hint
when they reach their maximum file/directory limit during
logging. Look for the message "Too many files, extra ignored"
at the bottom of the screen. It *seems* to continue logging,
even if no more files are read in ! The successor versions
(XTreePro) clearly prompt an overflow until you hit any key.
> [...]
> BUT, if you're still using Windows 3.x, or even just DOS, you should try
> Filemaster - the freeware clone of XTree! Like XTree, it's no longer being
> developed either. But it uses expanded memory to get around XTree's 640K
> memory limitations. It doesn't show long file name and long directory names,
> as ZTreeWin does. Many parts are in German. But it's free! You can download
> it here at the XTree Fan Page at
Hm, thanks for the URL, however, I'm afraid this is *not* the one of the
XTree Fan Page (but rather of Victor Garcia ZTree Unoff.Homepage)...

Better you try the "Clones" section of the XTree Fan Page at:
to download FileMaster and any other XTree clones !

Best regards
Mathias Winkler

>XTree Fan Page, Tips and Tricks for XTree and ZTree !

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