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Re: Xtree Vs. Ztree

Posted By: Greg Akers <>
Date: Sep-13-1999 2:14 p.m.

In Response To: Xtree Vs. Ztree (Wayne Noah)

> I think XTree and XTreeGold have been the greatest utility produced.

Welcome to the club, Wayne! You'll find lots of XTree Fans out here.

> I didn't know about ZTree for a long time. A friend of mine found it and told me about it. I downloaded an older version of ZTree but never opened it up until about two weeks ago. It may not have all the whistles and bells of XTreeGold but it does me just fine.

ZTree is getting more bells and whistles quite often, since it's in very active development. Once you've become familiar with it, try the new beta versions.

In addition to Mathias Winkler's fine XTree Fan Page here having lots of XTree and ZTree info, check out Victor Garcia's ZTreeWin Unofficial Homepage at, especially the ZTreeWin Forum there where users discuss ZTree's bells and whistles!

> I just downloaded the latest version (1.41) and tried it. I'm not sure if I will stay with this version. I don't like the way the directories scroll. It appears the cursor bar stays still and the directory tree scrolls up or down, depending on your direction. The root directory will actually come down approximately an inch and ahalf from the top of the window.

You've hit upon one of ZTW's more faithfully cloned XTG features! Sounds like your ZTW configuration item M-Tree Window Highlight Bar is set to Fixed. Press Alt+F10 to go the ZTW configuration, press pagedown to get to the second page, then press M to toggle between Fixed and Scrolling. Sounds like you want Scrolling. Watch out, though, my ZTW (v1.41 & beta v1.46t) disappears after changing this and moving to the top or bottom of the displayed tree. Just restart it and it doesn't happen again until you change it again.)

The Alt+F10 configuration in XTG allows the same toggle, but it's on the fifth page as item 6. XTG also doesn't disappear after changing and moving to the top or bottom of the displayed tree.

> Other than that, I'm glad someone had the good since to keep XTree, or I should say ZTree, around for all of us die hards.

You got that right! You'll find the author of ZTree, Kim Henkel, has lots of good sense in evidence in his programs and in the ZTreeWin Forum at

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