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Re: XTG Under Win98

Posted By: Greg Akers <>
Date: Jul-30-1999 2:57 a.m.

In Response To: Re: win98 (Mathias Winkler)

>>>> I have tried to load xtree 3.01 on a ...very resent relase of win98 and xtree locks up.
>>>> I wounder if there is some option I need to set in windows to avoid this problem.

>>> Look at the respective XTree Fan Page - Frequently Asked Questions issue
if this solves the problem - see link below.

>> It locks up the whole computer (clock and all) as soon as it starts.
>> ... on earlier versions of win98, if win tried to shut down to dos mode to run xt, it was simply a matter of putting the xt command in a batch file and calling the program, eg
>> @echo off
>> call xt %1 %2 %3
>> this also does not work in the new version.

> (Un- ?)fortunately I don't have any Win98 version installed on my computers,
so I can't test that problems you have...
> Anyway, are you sure you have set item #4 in the configuration screen
"Disk logging method" to "STANDARD" (and *not* the default "QUICK") ??
This normally helps with many problems on XTree and Win98 !

Hmmm, I can't tell you what's wrong with your attempts to run XTG 3.01 under Win98. But I can tell you what I'm doing to run it successfully under an internet up-to-date Win98 (not yet the CD version of Win98SE).

1. My Win98 shortcut icon has C:\XT\XTG.BAT in the cmd line, runs in a Normal Window, and a check in the "Close on Exit" box.

2. The Advanced Program Setting has a check in the "Suggest MS-DOS mode as necessary" box, but it never suggests DOS mode and always runs fine in a normal window.

3. 3. The shortcut properties Memory tab has all the pull-down boxes set to Auto and checks in both the Protected and Uses HMA boxes.

4. The shortcut properties Screen tab has 50 Lines initial size, and checks in both the Fast ROM Emulation and Dynamic Memory Allocation boxes.

5. My XTG.BAT says only: C:\XT\ %1 %2 %3

6. I DID have to reset the XTG configuration for Disk Logging Method from Quick to Standard when I upgraded to Win98 last year.

My only complaint is that I always have to manually enlarge the XTG window because it starts up in 50 Line mode in a 25 line window?!?! But, other than that XTG is still my favorite way to install ZTreeWin betas and updates!!

Hope this helps you, Arthur.

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