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Re: win98

Posted By: Mathias Winkler <>
Date: Jul-29-1999 2:57 p.m.

In Response To: Re: win98 (arthur lubenfeld)

> > It locks up the whole computer (clock and all) as soon as it starts.
> I have found that on earlier versions of win98, if win tried to shut down to
> dos mode to run xt, it was simply a matter of putting the xt command in a batch
> file and calling the program, eg
> @echo off
> call xt %1 %2 %3
> this also does not work in the new version.

Oh my god, I can't help but I'm afraid, Win98/II really sucks (more...) !

Microsoft appearently wants to give the impression that their new "operating"
systems nothing have to do with DOS any more, so compatibility for DOS apps is
removed more and more from version to version. They want to prevent people from
using such "ancient" DOS software like XTree, instead of buying the latest
multi-$-mega ... stuff...

(Un- ?)fortunately I don't have any Win98 version installed on my computers,
so I can't test that problems you have. Sometime I think the only solution
would be to downgrade to Win95...

Anyway, are you sure you have set item #4 in the configuration screen
"Disk logging method" to "STANDARD" (and *not* the default "QUICK") ??
This normally helps with many problems on XTree and Win98 !

> although ztree is really good, it is not as easy to use when zipping and
> unzipping files for transfer, because the function is not inbuilt and the
> actual program called is then a different interface which might not run on all
> platforms. Also, ztree does not have an inbuilt viewer so the same critisism
> applies.

Hm, what do you mean by "platforms" ? ZTreeWin runs under Win95, Win98 and Win NT,
and (almost) any of the utility programs suggested for ZTree do the same, so there
should be no "platform"-problems.

You may like to have a look at the XTree Fan Page - "Auxiliary Apps" section for
a selection of most important third-party applications to be used with XTree as well
as ZTree, along with some integration tips (see link below).

Hope that helps


>XTree and ZTree auxiliary apps

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