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Re: Default fonts

Posted By: Greg Akers <>
Date: Jul-11-1999 3:44 p.m.

In Response To: Default fonts (Jim Patterson)

> I have recently upgraded my monitor to 17". (bout time, huh :))

Congratulations! Enjoy seeing "the big picture!"

> I find that the default fonts used in xtree are visibly 'pixelated' now.

To really get "the big picture," and use the bigger monitor to advantage, you need to use higher resolutions than you probably had on the old, smaller monitor. 640x480 is the smallest VGA setting and can look very pixelated on a 17" monitor. 800x600 is often the default on many systems, but still doesn't take advantage of bigger monitors. 1024x768 starts to get you there for 17" monitors. And some people even like 1280x1024. The trade-off is that higher resolutions make Windows icons and fonts look smaller while smoothing out the pixelation. Color depth at higher resolutions may also decrease, depending on your video card RAM, thus increasing perceived pixelation. So, you have to try the different Settings available to you in the Display Properties of the Control Panel to see what looks best to you on your particular system.

> I did not find a way to change fonts through the configuration file, but i could've missed the right switch.

Because it's a DOS application XTreeGold 3.01 doesn't address fonts in it's configuration.

> Does anyone know how to change the fonts in xtreegold 3.1?

Running XTG in a windowed DOS box under Windows lets you change the fonts of the windowed DOS box. Pull-down the Window menu by either clicking the XTG icon in the upper left corner, or by pressing the Alt+Space key combination. Choose Properties from this Windows menu. Then go to the Font tab to choose the type and size of fonts available. For example, on my 17" monitor at 1024x768 resolution I like the 8x12 font size. I use this same font size for ZTreeWin which just fits the screen in 60 line mode.

I've tried searching the XTree Fan Page and the Unofficial ZTreeWin Homepage for more detailed explanations of font sizes but haven't found any yet. Maybe others know of some.

If you run XTG (and ZTW) from a batch file you can also set some other useful window properties for these programs. Hope this helps.

>ZTreeWin Unofficial Home Page

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