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Re: It works... !

Posted By: Mathias Winkler <>
Date: May-6-1999 5:46 a.m.

In Response To: It works... ! (Victor Garcia)

> Is there a problem if you try to save time and try to incorporate maybe
> the "mc" viewer and editor into xtc as well ??
> I know you can develope them, but maybe it could be a great amount
> of time saved.

mc doesn't actually have a formatted viewer on it's own, the built-in viewer is
just an ordinary text viewer, and for displaying html-files, for example, it
uses the dumped output from the text-browser "lynx" (see the respective mc
configurqation file "~/.mc/ext").

mc's editor is a very basic one, with some emacs-like hotkeys (arrrrgggg - I'm
Vi fan...) so to start with a simple editor you better use the xtc default

btw, until there will be a configuration file implemented in xtc, you can
choose your favorite editor and viewer by editing the lines:

#define EDITOR "/usr/bin/pico"
#define VIEWER "/usr/bin/less"

in file "common.h" *before* compiling xtc

(If you want to change an already compiled xtc version, type "make clean"

For an alternative editor, try "jpico" (an much improved pico-like editor), or
"jstar" (if you want a WordStar-compatible one).

> Thanks again Mathias, I wonder if I can ask you some other
> Linux related questions, maybe here in the forum or via email.

You're welcome !


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