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Compiling XTC

Posted By: Victor Garcia <>
Date: May-5-1999 9:48 a.m.

Hello Mathias.

Here I am, exploring new worlds (Linux), but I want to
be true about this, I am completly new on Linux-Unix.
I installed Red Hat Linux 5.0 in my PC and almost everithing
goes right. It's amazing and I like it very much, I'm not
very familiar with the commands, but I think I understand
the most of them. (I know you are expert on this)
I'm having problems compiling XTC (sorry for this basic questions).

1.- Why exactly do I have to compile the source code of the program ?

Isin't easier that Peter Kelly could give the compiled one.

(I know this is very common in Unix-Linux, but tell me why)

2.- Then, what is the exact syntax to compile it ?

I followed these steps:
a) I download the file "xtc-0_1_6_tar.gz" in a "W95-PC" (I still can't

configure well Linux to dial my ISP)

b) I copy the file to a floppy and then in the Linux machine copied the

file with "mtools" (mcopy) to a temp dir (as root user)

c) I uncompress the file with gzip

d) I tried to compile it with "make -f xtc", but it doesen't work.

I know all this may sound so basic to you, but maybe there are
others with similar problems.

Thanks a lot

Victor Garcia
Mexico City

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