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What ever happened to....

Posted By: Pat McDonald <>
Date: Apr-20-1999 2:48 p.m.

Sorry I havent read the whole history on this board yet, I think I have captured it for later viewing. I have 2 questions:
1) The highest for real DOSXTG was 2.55 and then they were gone. I think that XTG255 was the finest piece of sofware which I have had a chance to use. I wrote an assembler in 8080 macine code for our s100 box and havent stopped since except from 1992 to now. I'm a hardware type anyway, but the question is, Where can I legally buy or whatever a copy of the 3.xx versions described here. I gather Symantek bougt the rights and dropped the product. Aren't there trading sites on the web? know where I could get someones junk outdated useless DOS pgm for a non collectors type price? I downloaded Ztree last night and cant keep it from crashing W95 yet(obnoxious laptop). The NT box is in pieces at the moment. Also looking for cheap 4Megx9 30 pin SIMMS, 8 it will take and right here in silly-con valley I can only buy new ones &$15/ea !!Where are all the old ones going?
2) I see J.Johnson's name around and I think M.Karas. What happened to J. Pickering, J.McGahey and K.Broomfield who are proudly displayed on my screen or just a hot key away an easy 70% of computing time. Longnames and registies are making it harder and harder, not to mention large disks of course.
Sooo, I'll se what Norton W95 V3.0 thinks of Z-tree's protection faults and see If some simple config error comes to light.
Perhaps when I get the HP omnibook back together and If I haven't broken any itsy bitsy stuff, Ill net w/it and do a real investigation of Z-tree install at too late an hour......C-ya ....PM

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