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Re: running programs through XTLINK

Posted By: Michael J Karas <>
Date: Mar-25-1999 12:02 p.m.

In Response To: running programs through XTLINK (Mic Paluszak)

> Any help with the following problems I'm experiencing would be
> appreciated.

> Using XTLINK ver 1.23 I've set up my P120 Laptop (W95 booted up in DOS
> mode)as the remote computer and a 486 DX66 (DOS 6.22/W3.11) as the local
> computer using a direct cable. While all the remote drives map correctly
> to the local computer, I cannot read the remote's CD-ROM drive. Does
> XTLINK support CD-ROM drives?

> Secondly, is it possible to run programs through the XTLINK connection.
> For example, can I install W95 on the local computer using the remote's

> Is there any other shareware programs that will allow me to do this?

The XTLink "server", the part of the program designed to run on the remote
machine was designed to work correctly with programs that have standard DOS
interfaces. A CDROM drive supported through MSCDEX on your notebook computer, running as the "server" remote computer does not provide a 'full standard DOS
interface' to the system because the CDROM is read only. I've never tried the
CDROM in this manner but can only guess that it propably wouldn't work just as
you have experienced. There was never any special programming put into XTLink to exclude CDROM support or to specifically provide support with the MSCDEX driver. I can only suggest that it does not surprise me that it does not work.

You should also be aware that the XTree Link program was written as a DOS (6.21 or lower) and/or DRDOS (5.x and below) piece of software. This program, in the flavor that it operates under on the local machine, makes MANY MANY undocumented calls and "hot patchs" to the operating system while it runs. When I wrote it it was thouroughly tested and verified against the above OS versions. There is no guarenteee that it will work at all with the "DOS 7" variant that runs "inside", "under" and around Win 95. Especially if the local machine disk volumes are configured for HPFS and/or long file name support.

As far as running programs from a drive attached to the local computer from the remote server machine via a XTLink cable... There would normally be no problem doing this. However given the problem that you cant get the CDROM to Read to the local machine also procludes the ability to load programs from that same drive.

Given today's process for CDROM drives it sounds to me as if your best bet is to install an IDE CDROM drive into your 486 DX66 computer (possibly adding an EIDE card to provide the necessary additional ports for the CDROM cable). That solution should cost you less than US$100 if you shop carefully.
Mike Karas

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