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Re: Hmmm...

Posted By: Mathias <>
Date: Tuesday, 9 June 1998, at 7:42 p.m.

In Response To: Hmmm... (Dan LeGate)

> Hmmm... Mathias, do those two sentences contradict each other?
No, they don't, I think... ;-)
> I can't tell - it's getting late here :-). And I'm trying to think
> *how* you'd ask Win95 to delete a dir called "upperCASE"
> instead of the directory which is actually named "UPPERcase".
> Command prompt? In explorer you'd just hit delete.

Well, try the following in a Win95 DOS-box:

- md upperCASE (creates a directory named "upperCASE")
- md UPPERcase (will now result in an error message, something like "access denied" or so)
- dir (watch the short filename in capitals in the left column, and the Long File Name in the right column displayed in the original case)

- rd UPPERcase (deletes the directory named "upperCASE" !!!)
- dir (to check that there's no upperCASE directry any more)

Silly Windows, isn't it? Unix and Linux *does* treat upper and lower case file/directory names as different ones, on the contrary! (just think of the case-sensitive URL names...)

> Kim, this may be more easily solved by adding a case option

No need for it (see above)!

> Hmmm.. I just thought of something a little scary (to me).
> Hypothetical situation: I'm using Ztree on another user's computer
> and I don't know that it's set for "DirName" confirmation
> for prunes... if I'm in the habit of cancelling my standard Alt-P.R.U.N.E
> keystrokes by pressing ENTER early (which I'm personally not, but
> this is hypothetical) then I could unintentionally delete directories
> named p, pr, pru, or prun with this new option. I would imagine

*Very* hypothetical, I guess... ;-)

All the best!

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