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Re: ZTree Scripting

Posted By: John Gruener <>
Date: Monday, 8 February 1999, at 6:46 a.m.

In Response To: I like the idea (Victor Garcia)

I'm happy to hear, Victor, that I'm not the only one to suggest this.

I think this is a powerful concept that has the potential of greatly increasing ZTree's usefullness beyond not only it's own current capabilities, but beyond any other utility available for the Win-32 platforms.

As I mentioned on your site, my concept of a Script file would be that certain keyboard commands could be coded, like Log and Alt-Release. Initially it might start out simply with just those commands, and perhaps the treespec (\) and -, + and *, so that the logging or releasing of directories could also be coded. Later more commands could be added as programming time might permit.

The user could code as many different Script files as desired. ZTree would allow one Script file to be included on the command line, so that separate Shortcuts could be made to start ZTree in different initial states. Also, a first level Function Key, (not Alt or Ctrl), would be used to prompt the user for the name of a script. This, of course would also be saved in a history list.

Adding one command, Alt-Release-All, to ZTree would probably be helpful. This would unlog everything. The user could then, with one command, return ZTree to a known initial state, if desired, at the start of the script, (or anytime, for that matter).

I would suggest to Kim that we start conservatively, with just the above comands, to test the concept in beta, with the idea of adding capabilities as programming time might permit.

I agree that we ought to hear from Kim on this before discussing it much further.

What do you think, Kim?

:-) John

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