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Re: New to group! One or two questions

Posted By: Mike <>
Date: Tuesday, 12 January 1999, at 2:01 p.m.

In Response To: Re: New to group! One or two questions (Dan LeGate)

Been away for a while. Sorry for not responding!
What I mean by a dos prompt has been mentioned before - a pure floppy booted promt.
I often get customers who screw up windows big time and haven't backed up any data so I need to copy certain files to disk before a format, but when you get
filenames such as address~1.doc upto address~9.doc etc ,it makes it hard to find out which is which (if I can get into windows I don't realy need Ztree)
Thanks for the replies, Mike
> Hi Mike! Welcome!

> That's exactly what I thought before I discovered this site
> and Ztree!

> Agreed!!!

> Depends on what DOS you're talking about. If you mean DOS 6.x
> with Windows 3.x, you're right - it won't work. I don't know if
> Kim plans on making this work. I doubt it - the Win 3.x world is
> dwindling, and XtreeGold works fine for that world still (except
> for the frustrating memory limitations).

> But if you're using Windows 95/98/NT you'll be pleased to know
> that it IS a dos-mode application! I was so excited to see this
> because all the Windows-interface attempts to emulate the DOS Xtree
> were/are miserable failures IMHO. Nothing compares to the look and
> feel of XtreeGold for DOS and fotunately, Ztree hits that mark perfectly!

> Hmmm... I'm not sure what you mean here. Can you explain further?
> You *can* see long filenames in Win95/98/NT at the "dos prompt"
> on the right side. I do know that Ztree's Batch commands can use
> both long and short filenames, which is very helpful.

> I hope you try Ztree and report back here what you think.

> Dan

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