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Windows, DOS, DOS mode and DOS box...

Posted By: Mathias Winkler <>
Date: Monday, 4 January 1999, at 10:53 p.m.

In Response To: On DOS LFN support (Mathias Winkler)

I think we have to clarify some terms here to prevent from total confusion.

Thanks very much to Dan for your posting, you're absolutely right, ZTree is a
DOS-mode (a.k.a. text-mode) program that runs in a "DOS-box" under Windows95/98
and NT *and* supports Long File Names!

Unfortunately there is no generally binding use of all these terms, so we have
to distinguish between a pure DOS environment without any Windows Graphical
User Interface (GUI), text-mode respectively "DOS-mode" programs that run under
the Windows 95/98/NT GUI either full-screen or in a window (box).

If you boot Windows 95 into the command line only mode, this is nothing else
but a pure DOS environment (named "MS DOS 7.0"), on the other hand if you start
the DOS command line prompt under the Win95 GUI, this is the so-called DOS-box,
and text-mode apps like ZTreeWin appear run in such a DOS-box under Win95, too,
*!but!* ZTree is not a DOS-program (such as XTree), because it does require the
Win95/98/NT Graphical User Interface (in technical terms: it depends on the
Win9x API).

That means it would not run under a DOS only system like MS DOS 6.22 or DR DOS
7.02, and neither under a Win95 system which has been booted into command line
only mode (as this is the case with every rescue/emergency boot floppy for

And the latter DOS/command line only environments normally are not capable
of dealing with Long File Names (LFN), therefore Win95 comes with a utility
named LFNBACK or so to restore Long File Names accidentally truncated by
DOS commands or applications.

However, (thanks to Dan for stressing this) the text-mode application ZTreeWin
under the Win9x GUI certainly will handle Long File Names perfectly!

Best regards

Mathias Winkler

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