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Re: Formating

Posted By: Dan LeGate <>
Date: Saturday, 2 January 1999, at 12:03 a.m.

In Response To: Formating (Mike Doyle)

> Need help in ztreewin to get the documents in wp8 to read out
> when I hit View or O.

Hi Mike,

Do you mean being able to view it like XtreeGold used to view certain word-processing files? If so, it won't work. The Xtree people used to include all kinds of "viewers" for different formats out there (Word, Wordperfect, Lotus, Excel, etc.) but Ztree doesn't have any of these except for a DBF (DBase) viewer. It's really difficult to keep up with the Jones' when new formats come out so quickly. If I recall correctly, the Xtree company used to have to wait for permission (or for the specs to be publicly released) to release a viewer for a new type of word processor file. I don't think Kim will (or should) try to do this himself. If other 3rd party developers want to take that on, great, but Kim should stick to the lean-n-mean approach he's taken so far. It's a fantastic program with very little overhead. Ztree is under one megabyte with all its files - the actual executable is still under 400k. Xtree started getting very bloated with all its viewers - not that I minded very much, but there were times I'd have to look up my "list" of files that were *required* to successfully run Xtree from a floppy or whatever.

When you hit V, it *should* show you the contents of the file, but it will include all the binary data that wp8 stores with it. You'll have to actually look for the text you've entered. If it's a password-protected file, you'll only see garbage.

Now, when you hit O, or Alt-O, it *should* open in whatever program is associated with WordPerfect 8 files, as long as the files you're trying to open have the proper extension. I know some people save files without extensions which makes it difficult for Windows to know what they are.

Hope this helps,


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