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Re: TOP TEN List Revisted

Posted By: Dan LeGate <>
Date: Monday, 23 November 1998, at 2:38 a.m.

In Response To: Re: TOP TEN List Revisted (Mathias Winkler)

> And/or add the XTree "Bookmark" function !

Defintely AND. ;)

> To tag files "from here down" just press and hold
> the "T"-key,
> to tag files from the top to a certain point you have to release
> it
> in good time ... ;-)

Yeah... that's what I've been doing... unfortunately, that can take a LONG time with long lists. (see comment below)

> Interesting to see, that "xtree for UNIX Systems"
> since 1991 has exactly this feature you're asking for, and it also uses the "F2"-key
> "to copy from file" for any kind of file attributes (Datestamp, permissions, owner,
> group).
> Again, "xtree for UNIX Systems" has this feature
> since 1991 You can use the Alt-Tag command and select between tag by:
> Date, Permissions, Size (equal, less, or greater than a certain
> amount, (again, with an F2-option "to copy from file"!)),
> Owner, Group, Inode, Link-count, Node or Type !!

REALLY? Wow... they really had some nice features, eh?

Yes, actually, my Select from here down and here up suggestions would solve my immdediate need for SizeSpec. Just sort by size, find the biggest file I want to see, then hit Ctrl-UP or Ctrl-DOWN (or whatever keys Kim wants -hehe) and I'll have the files I want selected. But that also means if I'd had any files tagged before, I'd lose those.

> Hey, Dan, we can do that already on our own,
> just use the F9 application menu and add an entry containing
> "explorer %1" !!!

Yeah, I think I remember that now... thanks for the reminder. Although, I'm still a little wary of X and Alt-X types of functions in ZTW (which the application menu seems to do). It tends to react a little sporadically - sometimes not letting me back into ZTW, or if the app I'm running hangs, then I'm screwed. You had any problems?

> Why not click on the "rectangle mark"-button at the
> Win95 toolbox bar,
> mark the desired region, and then click on the "Copy"-button
> ??

That's what I've been doing... unfortunately, my mouse is a bit "sticky" so positioning it where needed on my hi-res screen (making for small ZTW fonts) is a difficult and time consuming task... one where I often have to restart the process a couple of times. Even on my system with a non-sticky mouse this can be a trial in mouse accuracy. :) Plus, I've noticed the highlighting of the region I select tends to behave a little strangely - I don't know if this is a ZTW problem or Windows. It'd be nice to have a key (like Ctrl-C in Gather mode while viewing a file) that would copy this info into the clipboard automatically.

Thanks for the reply Mathias! Glad to be back! :)

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