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Re: Is 4DOS still being updated?

Posted By: Mathias <>
Date: Thursday, 4 June 1998, at 9:07 p.m.

In Response To: Is 4DOS still being updated? (Dan LeGate)

> Is 4DOS still being made? It's been a while since I've heard
> mention of it.

Of course! It experienced a steady development and is as up-to-date as ever!

> It says it's a COMMAND.COM replacement. How does
> that work in Win95? I forget: does COMMAND.COM only kick in when
> you open a DOS box in 95? Or is it still an integral part of the
> OS?

Well, it is a replacement and it comes into play under Win95 in the DOS box *and* in any (DOS or GUI-) application prepared to execute the command line, for example the "Run" command from the Win95 Start Menu, XTree/Ztree's eXecute, ALT-'B'atch, CTRL-'B'atch commands as well as application menu entries, etc., etc.

> And does 4DOS work with WinNT? I think I could really use the
> if/then logic in batch files on our NT server. (or maybe there's
> a better built-in way with NT, but I'm still pretty new to it, so
> I don't know yet)

Currently there are 4DOS versions for DOS, OS/2, Win 3.1, Win95/98 *and* WinNT! All of them work are tailored very well for their respective operating system, and all of them offer a bunch of handy and long missed new commands and enhancements, like command line completion (similar to Linux, type the first few letters of a file or directory and hit TAB and it will cycle through all occurences of files/directory beginning with these letters), furthermore there are shorthand "aliases" for commonly used commands, a pop-up directory history window, simple command-line editing, history and recall, a 'Fast Find' command that can quickly locate files or text within a file anywhere on your system, box and line drawing capabilities, moreover sophisticated new batch commands like subroutines, IF/THEN/ELSE logic, SWITCH, exception handling, full-loop control, error handling, single step operation for debugging. Furthermore 4DOS has over 70 built-in variables include system configuration, device status, network drive detection, and free memory and disk space...and..and.. and....

For more information follow the link below.

Serious power users, the more serious XTree/ZTree power users, won't live without it any more if once tried! (Therefore 4DOS is also featured on the XTree Fan Page - 'Auxiliary Apps' section, by the way!)

Try it and have fun!


>4DOS homepage by JP Software

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