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Re: FileSpec enhancement PROPOSAL/UPDATE - EXAMPLES

Posted By: Walter Rassbach <>
Date: Sunday, 27 September 1998, at 1:19 a.m.

In Response To: FileSpec enhancement PROPOSAL/UPDATE - Grouping & Interpretation (Walter Rassbach)

In order to help clarify the proposed FileSpec extension/scheme, a number of examples, with descriptive interpretations, are presented below. Remember that less-than and greater-than are relaced by '{' and '}' to avoid HTML problems. In addition, the example FileSpec strings are enclosed in []'s to delimit them accurately:

[\+R/\RSH] or [\R~RSH] mean read-only files which are not RSH.

[*.EXE \R-S] or [*.EXE,\R-S] which specify *.EXE files marked read-only but not system

[*.EXE \RS] which specifies *.EXE files marked BOTH read-only and system

[*.EXE \r\s] or [*.EXE\r;s] which specify *.EXE files marked EITHER read-only or system

[A*.*/*.INI] which specifies files with names starting with "A" but excludes any files with .INI extensions

[*A*.*//*B*.*] which specifies files with BOTH "A" and "B" in their filename, in any order, since the double-slash is essentially "read" as and-not-not (and thus reduces to "and"). This example is fairly trivial but there are cases where something like this is critical.

[*.TXT }:1/1/98] which specifies *.TXT files on or after 1/1/98

[*.INI *.TXT {1/1/98] {space separation enabled} All .INI and .TXT files before 1/1/98 (current ZTree...)
[*.INI,*,TXT,{1/1/98] The same thing, only at "global" domain level (works whether space-separation ON or OFF).

[*.INI {3/1/98, *.TXT {2/1/98 \A, }:1/1/97] {spaces only for readability} This will match *.INI files between 1/1/97 and 2/28/98 (any attributes) and *.TXT files between 1/1/97 and 1/31/98 with the archive flag on -- Note that the *.INI and *.TXT "local" groupings give individual restrictions while "}:1/1/98" applies to both.

[*.INI | }1/1/98] which specifies *.INI files (any date) as well as any files dated after 1/1/98
[*.INI, *}1/1/98] Ibid -- works due to the explicit promotion of the 2nd part to the WildCard Inclusion domain, [*.INI, }1/1/98] However, this would specify only .INI files after 1/1/98 (no domain promotion)

[}12/31/97 {4/1/98], [{4/1/98 /{1/1/98], or [{4/1/98 }:1/1/98] specify files in the first 3 months of 1998.
[:1/1/98~3/31/98] or [:1?3/?/98] which specify the same date range (but are MUCH nicer)...

NOTE: '{' and '/}' (and '}' and '/{') are collateral with one form including the specified date and the other excluding it. Which one is which is determined by the "FileSpec '{'&'}' include..." configuration option, but BOTH are always available... However, the provision of '}:' and '{:' as DateSpec prefixes provides a clearer and more intuitive way of accomplishing this, and the configuration option could be dropped.

[{1/1/98 | }3/1/98] files before 1/1/98 or after 3/1/98 -- There is NO WAY to do this currently in ZTree, which provides nothing but AND for dates.

[FizYear: :4/1/98~3/31/99] and [*.RPT :FizYear] which together select *.RPT files in the "fiscal year"

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