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PROPOSAL Treat "Tagged" as an attribute

Posted By: Walter Rassbach <>
Date: Friday, 18 September 1998, at 9:33 a.m.

I would like to suggest that "tagged" be included in the "attributes" of a file, with one "attribute" (say T) for "tagged (in this side of a split)" and a second "attribute" (say X) for "tagged in the other side of the split".

I am proposing this primarily in anticipation of some other proposals, but it is useful even with just the current functions. It may or may not be easy for Kim to implement since that depends on exactly how he is currently storing the attribute flags and the "tagged" flags (in particular, together in one place or in separate words/bytes), and it is probably not (yet) worthwhile unless it is easy for him to do (NOTE: Assuming that some of the enhancements I propose elsewhere are implemented, it will become a much more useful idea and worth more effort on Kim's part...).

The "T"agged (here) attribute, per se, is actually pretty useless and only really means anything in two cases:

1) Doing a ctrl-"A"ttributes command with an attribute string of (say) +R-S-T would set the appropriate attributes of the tagged files AND simultaneously untag them

2) One can simultaneously change the attributes of a file and tag it with a string like -R-S-H+T or -A+T. This can be useful when one is selecting files for some grouped operation and needs to modify their attributes as well, e.g., -A+T might be used when picking files for a selective backup-copy operation. (Note: Think about +T-X or -T+X though!)

The "X" ("tagged in other side") flag in an F8-split screen is, however, quite useful. In particular, it provides a way of doing a number of tag manipulations between the two sides which are just not otherwise available.

The only operation currently available for manipulating tags between the two sides of an F8-split is the Merge Tags operation which globally, across all logged disks, sets the other-side-tag for any file tagged-on-this-side. With this enhancement, the same effect can be achieved by moving to the "G"lobal (or ctrl-"G"lobal) view and doing a ctrl-"A"ttributes command with a string of +X.

This extension provides a significant enhancement by allowing the SCOPE of a merge operation to be controlled, allowing it to be done for just a single disk, a branch, a directory, and/or under the control of a FileSpec.

It also allows things like "ANDing" of tags [alt-U:-X], a way to untag files which are tagged on this side (converse of merge) [ctrl-A:-X], merging to this side rather than the other [alt-T:+X], transfering tags [ctrl-A:+X-T], plus a number of other operations.

The real power of this extension will come from things like the addition of Attribute selection to FileSpec and an extension to the tagging feature to allow more than one set of tags.

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