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Re: Configured "Command" keys - PROPOSAL PART 2 (ADDENDUM)

Posted By: Walter Rassbach <>
Date: Tuesday, 15 September 1998, at 10:45 a.m.

In Response To: Configured "Command" keys - PROPOSAL PART 2 (Walter Rassbach)

A few minor omitted/updated items:

1) I realized I left out a few "marker"-like items used in the command templates which would be used to indicate some internal ZTree actions, as follows:

[VIEW] Internal viewer
[CONS] ZTree's DOS/command-console
[OPEN] The current (where there is no .BAT) API call usage
[PRNT] ZTree's internal print feature
[ZTW] Spawned ZTree

Plus maybe markers for spawned versions of VIEW/CONS and possibly some other, similar "command-type markers" (as opposed to "substitution markers"...). Also, there may need to be, for console and old DOS prorams, a "marker" to specify spawned execution rather than execution within ZTree's own console window...

2) I think the "history" selector part of the various prompting markers must be limited to ALPHA characters (two, maybe 1 or 3), with a trailing digit used to specify multiple prompts, within a single template, using the SAME history list. For example, both "[?fn1/First File]" and "[?fn2/Second file]" (without the quotes, of course) could be used in a single template and ZTree would perform both as part of a "combining" operation. The digits not only specify multiple prompts, they are also used to distinguish/select the two responses in the secondary forms (the "use a previously prompted value" ones) like "[?fn1%7]"...

3) The "BNF-style" syntax for the prompting forms is (for now):

"[?" [ ] [ ] ["." ] ["%" ] [ [ ]] "]"

where the quoted strings are literals, the (non-quoted) brackets indicate optional parts, and the angle brackets identify specific syntactic parts.

This is probably "mysterious black-magic" to a lot of you out there and instantly clarifying to others... If you don't know what I mean by this item, DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT, it is just for us termainal computer geeks...

-- Walter

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