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Integrated Navigation/Spell PROPOSAL

Posted By: Walter Rassbach <>
Date: Monday, 14 September 1998, at 8:39 a.m.

There has been a fairly lengthy discussion of how we might ask Kim to extend the "navigation" feature currently provided in ZTree using the shift-letter (and main keyboard numeric row digits [NOT the number keypad digits!}), in which I made a fairly detailed proposal (and clarified it quite a bit -- I probably didn't do a good job the first time...) and to which John Gruener has made a counter proposal. That thread is available at the link below.

I see a lot of merit in the points and suggestions John has brought up (as I hope he did in my original proposal), and I think I have come up with a way to integrate the two approaches into an enhancement which is better than either of them separately. In fact, I believe that I have acheived this integration almost without damaging either one or the slightly different emphasis on issues, desired functions, etc. that the two were based on.

I am starting a new thread for the integrated proposal since the old thread was getting deep and will "age" off the board fairly soon...

Unfortunately, I am going to have to be fairly precise and pendantic in presenting the integrated proposal since the details are somewhat critical in various areas. Please try to read the postings in the old thread first if you have questions, rather than having to reiterate those clarifications again in this thread. If there are still questions, concerns, etc, after that, then PLEASE post them here -- I (and I believe John, Dan, etc.) want to ensure that whatever we finally suggest is useful, easy for Kim, hopefully elegant, etc. -- I think we are getting very close to something we want to really ask Kim for, so if you have opinions (and/or need information/clarification/etc. to be able to form one), PLEASE EXPRESS them...

I am going to break the presentation/proposal down into a number of postings in the first level under this posting in an attempt to keep the size of the messages down and, hopefully, to make it easier to read. This may take me a couple of days to complete, and I will place a clearly recognizable final sub-posting when I am done... Feel free to comment/etc on the specific pieces as they are posted, and I would like to see any comments/etc on the overall proposal attached under the final sub-posting... -- I suggest this as a means of trying to organize the discussion.

>Old navigation/spell thread

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