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Re: Configured "Command" keys - PROPOSAL PART 1

Posted By: Walter Rassbach <>
Date: Sunday, 13 September 1998, at 11:58 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Configured "Command" keys - PROPOSAL PART 1 (Martin J. van Groen)

Well, someone out there had mentioned, a while ago, the idea of having alt-V select an external viewer with V selecting the internal one (was that you?), but I could not find the posting on a quick search...

As to parameters and long file names in .BAT files, there should not be a problem (I've never had one) since Kim puts the proper quotes around things... One just needs to be careful to re-quote the things that need them (at least, that is what I think works... I will maybe try to play with it a bit and see if it all works the way I thought it did...). Re-arranging the parameters is not going to really accomplish anything, it would just break a bunch of stuff... I will try to elaborate something here.

When I actually manage to get the real proposal done, I hope it will cover everybody's desires/preferences as to which keys mean what... -- Walter

> Thanks Walter for starting this proposal.
> You start a discussion I also think about for a long time.

> Alt-V
> =====
> I also wanted to use different viewers and I sometimes
> changed the default from the internal viewer to a multi-
> purpose viewer as QuickViewPlus (From Inso) but than I
> have to accept a longer loading time.
> Not nice for a quick peek in a small textfile.
> So after the temporarily use of QuickViewPlus I always need
> to reconfigure to the internal viewer.

> I thought "This would be a nice feature for the Alt-V
> command", the use of Alt-V is than in a similar way as
> the
> other Alt-commands, by opening a "new" window.

> When it is possible to define another viewer for the Alt-V
> command it would be very nice.

> I think for this function it is the best to use a multi-
> purpose viewer. The special viewers are better usable with
> the "O"pen command.

> In my situation I would prefer to use the "V"iew
> for the
> internal viewer and the Alt-V for an external one but when
> it
> is possible to define both everybody can build it as he likes.

> .

> Batch files / menu
> ==================
> When using more external viewers there is a need to select
> the needed one in a small menu ( like a batch file ? ).
> The problem than is the passing of parameters.

> I also was accustomed to call batch files for special functions,
> but Kim defined the old %1..%4 parameters as using long filenames.
> When passing parameters to other batch files there is sometimes
> need for testing (example: testing for the extension %5), but
> when the other parameters use long filenames it is impossible
> to test for it.

> I know that the built in menu system of XtreeGold is not used
> by a lot of users (I also didn't in the beginning) but when
> I
> found the beauty of passing the parameters into the menu
> system I changed my mind.
> I used it intensively to build menues for special functions.
> Position the cursorbar on the filename, hit F9 for the menu
> and hit return on the menuline of the needed special function.
> In the menu I do a call to a home made batch file.
> Test the needed parameters in the batch file and execute the
> needed program(s). Easy and fully customizable.

> Also the menu system has problems with the "long filename
> parameters".

> I know it is a difficult problem to change a "standard"
> but I
> think when Kim can change the use of the %1..%5 parameters
> to
> use the short filenames and move the long filenames to %6..,
> etc. there are a lot more things possible.
> Maybe it is the best solution to set this swithing in the
> config and everybody is satisfied.

> -------------------------------------------------------------

> I know that the above mentioned is not the "solution"
> for the
> things you mentioned, but I hope it is an extension.

> Regards.

> ]\/[artin J. van Groen


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