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Re: Detailed Navigation PROPOSAL - UPDATE

Posted By: Walter Rassbach <>
Date: Wednesday, 9 September 1998, at 5:28 a.m.

In Response To: Detailed Navigation PROPOSAL - (link) (Walter Rassbach)

I finally read through Mathias's (pretty much complete! - nice Mathias) list of HotKeys that Kim included with the 1.40 release, and there are a couple of minor things that change:

1) The '%' key also has a (currently obscure) meaning, namely, repeat the last shift-letter selection. In my proposal, this function is moved to the double-quote key instead -- I think the double-quote key is more intuitive/mnumonic, and the '%' glyph can be used in a filename and ought to be used as a "nav.key" -- However, it does ned to be added to the "obscure group" of # $ ' ;

2) My proposed usage of the INS/DEL keys in the directory/tree view is already there if one uses the command line /XT switch (subliminal memory or just the obvious usage???), and the only change would be to activate that usage without regard to whether the /XT switch wwas specified...

3) If the proposed F4 function is implemented (i.e., reduce the display/selection to just those file satifying the retained value of the navigation string, just like ctrl-F4 reduces it to just the tagged files), it ought to also "lock down" that navigation string as a "prefix" for any further navigation, until the special reduced selection display is reset. For example, hitting: shift-C, shift-L, F4 reduces the displayed files to just those files with names starting with "CL" (e.g., like a FileMask of "CL*.*"). Now, hitting a shift-O ought to skip down to a file whose name starts with "CLO" since we "KNOW" about the "CL" part of it...

4) It might be nice if a ctrl-BackSpace "undid" a navigation (only if it happens just "during" a navigation, i.e., when in the "non-initial state"), and return the highlight-bar/cursor to where it was before the first navigation key in the preceeding sequence was pressed...

-- Walter

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