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Ah!!! That's better!

Posted By: Dan LeGate <>
Date: Tuesday, 8 September 1998, at 9:34 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Agreed... a little too complicated. (Walter Rassbach)

I'm glad I got you all reved up there, Walter, because this last message is the first one I fully understood. You're clarity increases with frustration. ;)

> the functions and usage I'm suggesting are SIMPLE and easy... Don't
> reject it "out of hand" until you've worked out what I've
> really suggested and the extension

I don't think I've actually rejected anything *you've* suggested - just my incorrect interpretation of it.

> USING THE SHIFT KEY DOES NOT WORK!!! How would you get to a
> filename which started with "F1"??

Ah! That's all you had to say... I'm with you know. Yes, I agree.

> I still fail to see why there is this issue, one can just tap
> either the ALT or the CTRL key to restart, and that has to be just
> as easy as letting go of the shift key and then pressing/holding
> it again...


> NO, the following keys: ` ~ ! @ % ^ & ( ) _ { } [ ]
> currently have NO FUNCTION AT ALL, and they are characters
> used in filenames just like letters and digits (at least, I have
> lots of files which use those characters in their names)

Again, I see now, and agree.

> Because I have directories that either start with or include
> the -, +, and = characters in their name. The +/=/- keys HAVE NO
> EFFECT in a File/B/G/S view, and should go to a filename (just like
> digit/shift-letter), and it would be nice to be able to make the
> handling of the keys in the directory window be the same... There
> IS a reason for the code...

Still agreeing... good point.

> Moreover, EXPLORER does NOT use the main keyboard + and - keys
> to expand and contract branches, it uses them in the way I am suggesting
> here!!!!!!

You're right!!!!!! ;)

> This should be simple: You hit (say) shift-G and then shift-L,
> which takes you to the first file (from where you were in the scroll
> list) that has a name that starts with "GL"... It is not
> the file you were looking for, so you hit TAB, which takes you to
> the next file whose name starts with "GL"...
> directory list), and "in the backward direction" means
> that one moves UP the list (like up arrow, shift-TAB, PgUp, etc.).

Fantastic! I like it!

> THERE ISN'T a "text entry" field!!!

My confusion... I was flipping back and forth in my mind to the "Tab functionality" discussions here.

> All the "colon"
> key does is tell ZTree that you are now entering leading characters
> of the extension rather than the main part of the name, so, hitting
> "colon,shift-T" would move to the first file whose EXTENSION
> started with a "T"...


Yes, I do find everything you've listed here quite natural and I'm glad it doesn't effect anything that currently happens, because it'll be the power-users that utilize this (myself included). Others won't even care that it's there - and won't have to. You've obviously thought a lot about this. I hope Kim is able to implement some (if not all) of it.


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