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Agreed... a little too complicated.

Posted By: Dan LeGate <>
Date: Tuesday, 8 September 1998, at 10:43 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Shift-Letter Extension (Walter Rassbach)


I have to agree with John here... even with your "re-vamp" for simpler meaning, I'm still confused:

> 1) Shift-letter and numeric keys work JUST LIKE before, except
> that a SEQUENCE of such keys specifies further characters of the
> name rather than always skipping to the next file "starting
> with" -- This is just the basic change we started this discussion
> with.

I agree with this - this seems to be what this thread was all about. And if Kim *CAN* make Ztree aware of a released SHIFT key (without polling) then that would be the ideal method - we still haven't heard from him on this.

> 2) Include the other, CURRENTLY UNUSED special characters which
> appear in file names under the same umbrella. Consider pulling in
> # $ ' and ; (semicolon) which currently have obscure meanings.

What do you mean by "include" them? Do you have actual suggestions for them? Or are you just mentioning them?

> 3) Consider pulling in +, =, - from their current usage in
> a directory window, with a configuration option (and add/replace
> their functions using the INS/DEL keys). -- This is for completeness,
> these keys ARE currently unused in a File/B/G/S view...

Why do this? I use them all the time... so does Explorer. It doesn't make sense to me. Do you just want a new way of doing these functions? I don't think Kim should add ways of doing something that already exists, even if it's a configuration option... it just seems like more unnecessary code to me.

> 4) TAB and shift-TAB act like forward and reverse "repeat
> last" keys in a File/B/G/S window except for the overriding
> meaning for TAB when in an F8-split screen. TAB is currently unused
> in a non-split File/B/G/S view.

What do you mean by 'forward and reverse "repeat last" keys'? Are you mentioning available keys again, or are you actually suggesting a new function here? I'm unclear.

> 5) The (curently meaningless/unused) double-quote key ('"')
> acts like a forward direction "repeat last" as well, without
> regard to intervening keystrokes.

Again, I'm unclear on the "repeat last" function.

> 6) The (again unused) colon key (':') switches between specifying
> name and extension.

Could you explain this? Does it *move* the cursor to that part of the filename, or are you saying you only specify a name or extension in the text entry field?

> 7) Maybe provide a useful meaning for the F4 key in a File/B/G/S
> view.
> d) Meanings are assigned to some currently unused keys...

Again, are you just mentioning an available key here? I don't think Kim needs to "find" functions for keys, but rather find keys for functions. If you've got a function idea, let's find that key.

Did you notice Kim has a new beta up? It has Ctrl-Left and Right arrow functionality in text-entry boxes. I think it needs some improvement, but I'm glad to see these things we're discussing are making it in!

I've posted my suggested improvements elsewhere. Click the link below.


>Ctrl-Right and Ctrl-Left suggestions

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