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Keys, API and Ctrl-PgUp/PgDn

Posted By: Dan LeGate <>
Date: Monday, 7 September 1998, at 10:34 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Proposal w/nav keys (Walter Rassbach)

> Hmmm... Ctrl-BACKSPACE already has an assigned usage: It clears
> the whole entry and leaves one with a blank slate -- I (and I would
> guess others) already use it that way a lot, esp. in the path prompts...

Oh yes... duh! Completely forgot about that one! :)

> I would prefer ctrl-HOME to clear to beginning of line (but
> not the character under the cursor and ctrl-END to clear to end
> of line (including the cursor character) since that is the usage
> I am used to...

Yeah, me too, but I didn't know if others would be... sounds like they are! :) And since Ctrl-Backspace is used, SCRAP my Ctrl-Del idea Kim! I wouldn't want to see the original Xtree Ctrl-Backspace functionality changed (unless as an option only).

> I agree that one often has left hand over the main keyboard
> and right over the cursor, EXCEPT when one is typing in something
> like a name or navigation string, which IS the case we are talking
> about...


> I'm not sure that shift-Left/Right are available keys on a
> 101-key keyboard (at least, not the grey ones), and alt-Left/Right
> may be eaten by Windows (along with things like alt-TAB/ENTER) although
> I am not sure.

Hmm... yeah, I don't know either. Do you do a lot of Windows API programming Walter? You sound like you're familiar with it.

> There is one added usage I would like to see which is ctrl-PgUp/PgDn
> from a simple file view to step to a simple file view for the next
> directory at the same level (equiv.: esc/tab/enter).

Hmmm... interesting. Would that be the next LOGGED directory? Or would it Log the next directory if it's not? Personally I think the next *logged* directory would be great since you could skip between the dirs you're obviously interested in seeing. Good suggestion!


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