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Re: Proposal w/nav keys

Posted By: Walter Rassbach <>
Date: Monday, 7 September 1998, at 8:56 p.m.

In Response To: Proposal w/nav keys (Dan LeGate)

Hmmm... Ctrl-BACKSPACE already has an assigned usage: It clears the whole entry and leaves one with a blank slate -- I (and I would guess others) already use it that way a lot, esp. in the path prompts...

I would prefer ctrl-HOME to clear to beginning of line (but not the character under the cursor and ctrl-END to clear to end of line (including the cursor character) since that is the usage I am used to...

I agree that one often has left hand over the main keyboard and right over the cursor, EXCEPT when one is typing in something like a name or navigation string, which IS the case we are talking about...

I don't have any strong opinions about which characters a ctrl-Left/Right stop on, maybe it could be configurable...

I'm not sure that shift-Left/Right are available keys on a 101-key keyboard (at least, not the grey ones), and alt-Left/Right may be eaten by Windows (along with things like alt-TAB/ENTER) although I am not sure.

There is one added usage I would like to see which is ctrl-PgUp/PgDn from a simple file view to step to a simple file view for the next directory at the same level (equiv.: esc/tab/enter).

-- Walter

> Interesting... when using Ztree I find that my left hand usually
> rests on the ASDF, but my right hand is almost always hovering over
> the HOME, END, PAGEUP, PAGEDOWN and ARROW keys area since I'm usually
> moving all over the directory tree. Rarely is it over the JKL: keys
> for very long unless I'm typing something long - which doesn't happen
> often in Ztree for me. In fact, I've found this pattern (right hand
> over nav keys) in many of the programs I use, especially when web
> surfing.

> Yes, agreed... if Kim wants to make it an option. If he wants
> to go just one way though, I'll learn it.

> My (somewhat modified) proposal is: (this is only for text-entry
> areas like "rename" or "copy as")

> Ctrl-Right Arrow: would move you to the right word-by-word
> much like a word processor, also stopping on periods, hyphens and
> underscores (maybe other punctuation as well?). Same with Ctrl-Left.

> Alt-Right: would move the cursor on top of the last period
> in the filename (ready for insert *before* the period. Same with
> Alt-Left if you're at the end of the filename. I could also see
> this position (on top of the last period in the filename) being
> the default when you hit TAB, as was suggested early in this thread...
> in fact, I really hope this does become the default. Especially
> since Alt-Arrows are a bit more of a reach than CTRL-Arrows. (I
> could easily concede using the SHIFT-arrows instead here)

> Ctrl-DEL (I first proposed Ctrl-END, but I like this better)
> would delete from the current character (INCLUDING the current character)
> to the end of the filename.

> Ctrl-BACKSPACE (Originally proposed as Ctrl-HOME) would delete
> from the current character (NOT INCLUDING the current character)
> to the beginning of the filename.

> All these modes default to INSERT mode.

> Dan

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