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Re: Tab key functionality - Special Characters

Posted By: Walter Rassbach <>
Date: Friday, 4 September 1998, at 7:47 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Tab key functionality - Special Characters (John Gruener)

I think that is the list although I am not sure whether it is very likely that one would start a filename with a space (it does work, but is somewaht akin to starting with a '.' or ',').

A couple of additional thoughts:

1) If we do come up with a proposal and Kim implements it, he is also

probably going to have to adjust the way that he uses the API calls in

a rename so that one CAN rename a file from "" to ".froob", which

I believe is currently not possible (I think that currently just renames

the extension and leaves the left-hand part as-is... In fact, isn't

that where we started??). I actually think he probably needs to make

that change anyway for people dealing with UNIX like Mathias... In

fact, as adherency to the 8.3 conventions fades, I would expect that

there will start to be Windows programs that use such filenames soon.

2) The "defaults" for Copy/Move and for alt-/ctrl-Copy/Move are different,

with the "filename" for the former and "*.*" for the latter -- the effect

is the same, but, for consistency, I think both ought to be "*.*" (or

even just "*" which works the same way... [does a period do it too?]).

3) The more I think about it, the more using ENTER for one of our "edit"

key disturbs me -- I think the Copy/Move usage of enter is right, and

I really like the idea that the edit keys are absolutely identical

between Rename and Copy/Move. Moreover, the "duplicate file name"

usage John has proposed applies only to a single Rename and not to

a ctrl-Rename. I would like to suggest that using a '/' to duplicate

and leave the cursor at the front of the name might be better than

having ENTER do it, and leave an initial ENTER as an ESCape ala` XTree

(i.e., change ZTree's current handling to do that rather than an error).

However, I could live with John's suggested usage as a special case for

the simple rename case (but would object to changes to the use of

ENTER in other places like Copy/Move...).


> There are, as far as I know, nine characters that can't be
> used in a Win32 file name. They are:

> * / \ " : ? | > All others are permitted.


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