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Re: Shift-Letter Modification

Posted By: Walter Rassbach <>
Date: Friday, 4 September 1998, at 6:33 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Shift-Letter Modification (John Gruener)

Good thing you got in there before me ;-) Yes, treespec and shift letters DO DIFFERENT things in the directory window, both of which are useful (at least to me) especially if one can enter more than one character... However, I expect that the most useful part is in a file window...

As to detecting that the shift key has been let go and re-pressed between "real" keystrokes, I doubt seriously that the API's provide the information or that there is any good way to get at it (other than maybe polling which I would object to even if Kim didn't [and I will take large bets he would!]). One other possible problem is with the use of the NUMERIC keys where one HAS TO let the shift key go, which puts a small crimp in what John is proposing... However, if the info IS available, I have no objection to that modification, it makes it even better and more flexible -- sort of the best of both worlds! (However, it may still be desirable to allow SWITCHING shift keys for those of you [not me!] who are touch typists...) However, if release/re-press of the shift key is not detectable, I can deal with having to hit another key (e.g., backspace) as we have been discussing for the rename extensions...

Also, assuming a configuration option, there is a third possible option which would be that (say) the left shift does extension while the right shift acts like the old method -- I'm pretty sure that WHICH shift key is used is easily available through the APIs... This would also give a way of selecting the behaviour "on-the-fly" which is what I think John is looking for...

One further thought about navigation for extensions: In a "normal" file window (not Branch/Global/ShowAll), the '\' key is really available, and it might be used to start an extension navigate, but this does not help in the other kinds of file windows which is where one really wants it... Maybe the idea of WHICH shift key is used might be worthwhile here?

-- Walter


> Before Walter jumps back in here, (he's pretty fast!), I think
> he does have a point in the directory window as well. I seldom use
> the Shift-Letter there, but it works quite differently than the
> "\" key, which just climbs out on the logical branch.
> Instead, the Shift-Letter key finds *any* branch. I don't find this
> very useful now, but it might become much more useful if you could
> continue to spell out the name!

> John

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