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Re: ZTree Mouse Issues

Posted By: John Gruener <>
Date: Friday, 4 September 1998, at 3:10 a.m.

In Response To: Ztree=Power User, Mouse=Wimpy User ;) (Dan LeGate)

> I think a lot of people who *do* like the mouse, won't really
> like Ztree very much (or Xtree). Remember, back in the Xtree days,
> it was one of the *Premier* file management tools - people didn't
> have too many Windows mouse-enabled options. Now, I think "most"
> people (people not as interested in file management functions as
> us true Xtree/Ztree fans) would prefer Windows 95's Explorer anyway
> - it's free, and "most" people only do very simple copies/moves/deletes.

Well, I know several CAD operators who have the need to do lots of file management. These guys are *swift* with the mouse, as they use it all day, picking tools, selecting drawing elements, etc. They hardly ever touch the keyboard... didn't even back in the DOS days. These guys used XTree with the mouse, and they could really make it fly! It was amazing. I've shown them ZTree, and they said they'd wait 'till the mouse worked better.

So, not necessarily "Ztree=Power User, Mouse=Wimpy User." They might not be the OS experts we are, and didn't use all the more sophisticated XTree features, but they were good with it!

> Again, I'm not sure Ztree's "audience" will ever
> be as mainstream as Xtree's was (sorry for the blasphemy Kim!) simply
> because there are fine-working alternatives out there, and Windows
> will always be a far-superior mouse environment to any character-based
> program (and God Forbid Kim should ever move AWAY from character-based
> Ztree!).

I agree on all points, but don't sell ZTree too short!

> Mouse features would be a low priority in my books. I'd
> rather see the power-user features added first, since I think most
> Ztree users aren't "typical" computer users. We're the
> ones that actually LOVE this file management stuff, and the control
> that Xtree/Ztree has given us over it.

I want the power-user features too. (I'm drooling!) :-)~

The point is, though, I assume that Kim added the mouse because he detected an interest or demand for it. At first, (in beta), you had to use the /M switch to get it. Then he made it the default. Again, I assume, because many people asked, "Where's the mouse?" (Kim, straighten me out if this isn't the case!) So now it's the default, but what good is it to the user if after clicking on Avail, he can't click on a drive letter, or even on Esc? Or after clicking on F7, he can't click on a file... and so on... The list is very long, and I'm sure Kim has his work cut out to fix it all. But the mouse is virtually useless until all this is fixed. (JMHO).

> Just my two... and I could be wrong about all this, so chime
> in everyone ... if you dare. >:-)

Well, there's my two more...

:-) John

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