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Modifying the "PRUNE" confirmation

Posted By: Peter Wong <>
Date: Monday, 1 June 1998, at 2:18 p.m.

One of the great things about Xtree is how powerful commands can be done with very few keypresses. This is handy, especially as I can't type more than 3 letters before making a typing error!

The PRUNE command requires the word P-R-U-N-E- to be typed in to confirm. I found that one typing error, and then I had to start again. So I patched Xtree (v3.01) to simplify the confirm command to the word O-K (no carriage-return required).

The advantages of this (to me):

1. The letters "o" and "k" are located close to the "Alt-P" so making a typing error was unlikely. (I just hit the "P" with my ring finger and the "o" and "k" with the middle and index... very fast!)

2. Extra security - from people inadvertently (or intentionally) pruning my hard disk

How to:

Edit the 6 bits at address 1A980h (for version 3.01) for XTG.EXE
(just search for the word PRUNE while in hex edit mode).

Change the command to whatever you want.
Overwriting the superfluous characters (including the closing 0Dh (CR) bit) with zeros.

*** Make sure you quit Xtree and reload for the changes to work ***

Very simple... if you have problems contact me, and I can write a proper exectutable patch if you can't understand this!

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