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Re: Tab key functionality - Update

Posted By: Walter Rassbach <>
Date: Friday, 4 September 1998, at 12:29 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Tab key functionality (John Gruener)

Obviously, '?' is a valid character (as a wildcard) in a rename.

I did a little playing with keys in rename, and here is what I found:

1) ZTree currently "accepts" the '\', ' ', '/', '|', ':', and '/' keys

in a rename prompt, but they (of course) cause errors when used...

Kim: It might be a good idea to filter and "ding" those characters

rather than passing them on to the API and getting an error...

2) For '.' and ',' as the first character entered, John's proposal seems

OK, but I would like to see the following modifications:

a) A '.' duplicates the filename through the rightmost '.', BUT OMITS

the extension -- I think this is the more useful variant...

b) Provide a configuration option which specifies the action for an

initial '.' and ',' as follows:

Default: An initial '.' and ',' does the edit functions we are

talking about, and an initial ' ' inserts the

',' or '.' characters (later usage handled separately).

Alternate: Exchange these usages (i.e., ',' inserts a '.' ....)

I could easily accept the other way around for the default...

After the initial usage/character, ' ' could be used to "tab"

through the '.'s (and/or blanks) in the filename... A '>' with the

cursor at the end (rightmost) might duplicate up to the next '.' from

the old filename...

3) For TAB, I think that the initial usage after typing something should

be to complete the filename (ala` the old DOS F3) -- We would need to

carefully specify which characters of the old filename are copied...

After that, I can accept case-cycling...

4) Find some reasonable usage for at least '/' and '\', maybe some kind

of special completion as I suggested for TAB, like:

a) Add the old extension (with period if there is no trailing period)

to the current filename

b) Duplicate (as for TAB in (3)), but only up to the rightmost period

c) Duplicate up to the NEXT '.' (maybe a good usage for ':')

5) As to the "menu" text, what I would like to see is for Kim (assuming it

is not too hard) to CHANGE the "rename menu"/key-description text when

the context changes, i.e., the initial "menu" specifies the initial

actions, and, after the first keystroke, the "menu" itself changes.

This would significantly reduce confusion and probably save Kim all

the time he spent programming it in a reduction in questions/problems.

6) I would like to see some way for some of this to be carried over into

the ctrl-Rename (and alt/ctrl-Copy/Move) cases. Specific cases I am

interested in are:

rename/copy *.* to *.xyz.* (inserting version markers)

the reverse rename of *.xyz.* back to *.* (much harder!!)

7) I DON'T like the idea of having to double enter for Copy/Move, and

we ought to be able to come up with something consistent between

Rename and Copy/Move that works...

We also need to make sure that we don't bloat this too much, since I think we all agree that this is maybe a small issue when matched against other features we might all like to see added... In particular, I think we need to agree on a VERY specific proposal (which is "clean"/easy to program) before we ask Kim to even consider changing anything here... Moreover, since they are related, I think that we need to cover directory naming/renaming and the directory level path selection '\' functions as well...

More when I get time and/or think of it (and/or think it through better)...

-- Walter

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