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Ztree=Power User, Mouse=Wimpy User ;)

Posted By: Dan LeGate <>
Date: Thursday, 3 September 1998, at 11:37 p.m.

In Response To: ZTree Mouse Issues (John Gruener)

> First, I am not a big mouse fan. I seldom if ever used it in
> XTree, nor do I now in ZTree.


> Second, a lot of people *do* like to use the mouse. I know
> from the XTree days that many people *did* use the mouse as much
> as possible, and now with Windows, even more people are likely to
> want to use it.

I think a lot of people who *do* like the mouse, won't really like Ztree very much (or Xtree). Remember, back in the Xtree days, it was one of the *Premier* file management tools - people didn't have too many Windows mouse-enabled options. Now, I think "most" people (people not as interested in file management functions as us true Xtree/Ztree fans) would prefer Windows 95's Explorer anyway - it's free, and "most" people only do very simple copies/moves/deletes. Have you ever tried to explain to someone why you like to use Ztree/Xtree? They usually raise their eyebrows and say something like "wow, you must do some pretty intense stuff with files!" I think "most" people just don't really care about directory structures, etc., whereas we do - a lot more so than the general user.

> Third, XTree was absolutely the finest example of mouse support
> of any DOS program I've ever seen. There was virtually nothing you
> couldn't do with the mouse

Hmm... I'd never really thought of that, but you're right - it was pretty darn good for a DOS program. I remember liking the drop-down menus, because sometimes I'd just forget about a feature until I saw it there. (But I usually invoked it with F10 - not the mouse - hehe)

> Fourth, if ZTree is going to support the mouse, especially
> as the default, I think everything visible to the mouse should work.
> In any case it seems
> to me to be worthwhile to do. ZTree will have better reviews and
> acceptance, since it will feel less "unfinished".

Again, I'm not sure Ztree's "audience" will ever be as mainstream as Xtree's was (sorry for the blasphemy Kim!) simply because there are fine-working alternatives out there, and Windows will always be a far-superior mouse environment to any character-based program (and God Forbid Kim should ever move AWAY from character-based Ztree!). Mouse features would be a low priority in my books. I'd rather see the power-user features added first, since I think most Ztree users aren't "typical" computer users. We're the ones that actually LOVE this file management stuff, and the control that Xtree/Ztree has given us over it.

Just my two... and I could be wrong about all this, so chime in everyone ... if you dare. >:-)


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