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Release Current Directory and Ctrl-C in "Gather"

Posted By: Dan LeGate <>
Date: Wednesday, 2 September 1998, at 8:26 a.m.

In Response To: Release Current Directory (John Gruener)

> You've got my vote! This would be a *most* helpful feature.

Great! Ken and I were beginning to wonder if we were the only ones! :)

> If so, the only thing remaining would be to agree on the best
> way command it. I don't like going to the Alt-Release menu for this,
> as it's too simple a function, and IMOH, too commonly needed. I'd
> rather see a single Alt-keystroke do it, so what better than Alt-Minus?

Good idea! It's too automatic for me to hit Alt-R, F quickly, and if I had to remember to hit an F2 before hitting F, or something like that, I'd probably screw it up every time.

While I think of it, I'd also like to mention a Ztree-Peeve I have with the ability to copy to the Windows Clipboard in "Gather" while Viewing a file. I don't know if this is a widely known feature (there's no visual information indicating it) but it's a really great feature.

Here's how it works currently:

You hit G for gather and arrow up or down to the line you want to start your gather from. Hit Enter, and arrow up or down to the end of your selection. BUT! *Before* hitting enter, you must hit Ctrl-C or it won't copy to the Windows clipboard. If you forget and press enter (which is automatic for me since it intuitively means "end your selection here") you lose your ability to copy to the clipboard. You have to start all over - PAIN!

I feel strongly that this needs to change so that you can hit Ctrl-C afterwards as well, or type "clipboard:" or *something*. And I also think a visual indicator should appear somewhere: "Ctrl-C to copy to Windows Clipboard" could fit right below "Press [enter] to finish marking text" or right below "Append marked text to file:". I don't necessarily feel that the ability to hit Ctrl-C *while* gathering (as it does currently) should be taken away - just add the ability to copy to the clipboard *after* the gather selection has been made.



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