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Re: XTreeGold and Y2K (Year 2000 compliance)

Posted By: Mathias Winkler <>
Date: Friday, 29 May 1998, at 9:02 p.m.

In Response To: XTreeGold and Y2K (Year 2000 compliance) (Kathleen Peer)

> I've been trying to find out if XTreeGold is Y2K compliant. Is there
> any way to find out if XTG will work after the year 2000 (without
> waiting until then): will it be affected (or affect something else)
> by the date changeover?

> Our company hasn't updated our PCs with a "new BIOS,"
> so I can't do any testing myself. I was just wondering if anyone
> else has thought of this or has done any testing on XTreeGold. (I
> have a feeling that it might not work.)

As far as my experiences go, it *does* work!
All XTree versions don't seem to make any problems with dates past Dec.31st 1999. Filedates changed to year "00" still work properly.
I have set the system date to year 2000 (resp.year "00") and changed the date stamp of some temporary files (by command 'N'ew date or simply editing it) and haven't had any problems with XTree thereafter.

MS DOS since version 3.3 or later should interpret any dates prior to 1-1-80 as dates of the next century. So does XTree.
Changing sort criteria (ALT-S) to date sort, the earliest sorted date is 1-1-80, while anything between 1-1-00 and Dec-31-79 is (in ascending order) date-sorted *after* Dec-31-99.

On my Win95 system I haven't experienced any Y2K-problems with XTree, contrary to some other filemanagers.
Try, for example, the Win 3.1 file manager (still equipped with Win95 as WINFILE.EXE in the Windows-directory), any years prior to 1-1-80 are not displayed properly (just something rubbish like "=3" is given as year data...)

Has anyone else made different experiences with XTree and Y2K-simulations ??

> P.S.- I'm looking into purchasing and using ZTreeWin (
> This program IS Year 2000 Compliant and is a lot like XTree!
ZTreeWin is an excellent choice anyhow, and strongly recommended!

>Exhaustive general Y2K website

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