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ZTree Mouse Issues

Posted By: John Gruener <>
Date: Monday, 31 August 1998, at 5:36 p.m.

This is in response to a recent question which appeared in another thread.

I had written:

"I feel strongly that ZTree would benefit greatly in the marketplace if all the missing XTree functions were completed. By missing features I'm *not* talking about things like Oops, file viewers, built-in editors, archivers and so on. Many of these things are now handled satisfactorily by Windows features or other external programs. What I *am* referring to are things like making all the mouse commands work, adding context-sensitive help, enabling features like partial-untag, invert filespec, etc."

Dan LeGate replied:

"Agreed... completely."

Then he added:

"Mouse commands, eh? What functions did you typically use in Xtree with the mouse? Just curious, because I never used it at all, except when "Mark"ing text to paste into a windows app. :) "

So I would like to clarify, and see if anyone agrees/disagrees.

First, I am not a big mouse fan. I seldom if ever used it in XTree, nor do I now in ZTree.

Second, a lot of people *do* like to use the mouse. I know from the XTree days that many people *did* use the mouse as much as possible, and now with Windows, even more people are likely to want to use it.

Third, XTree was absolutely the finest example of mouse support of any DOS program I've ever seen. There was virtually nothing you couldn't do with the mouse, short of typing in file and directory names, and even that was often not necessary since you could sometimes click F2 to point, or UpArrow to pick the history list. I used to play with the mouse in XTree once in a while just to marvel at how well it worked!

Fourth, if ZTree is going to support the mouse, especially as the default, I think everything visible to the mouse should work. I don't mean getting all the functionality that XTree had, (yet), but just avoid having some things work, and others not, with the user having to figure out which ones do and don't! I realize this might be *MAJOR* to fix all these, I hope not. In any case it seems to me to be worthwhile to do. ZTree will have better reviews and acceptance, since it will feel less "unfinished".


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