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Re: ReleaseSpec; Mouse; XTree Forum

Posted By: John Gruener <>
Date: Monday, 31 August 1998, at 5:10 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Previous two messages (Dan LeGate)


> ...whatever's easiest for Kim to do, I'm all for! If, for some strange
> reason, it's easier for him to put them out of view and add a new
> indication, great!

I'm continuing along the path of ReleaseSpec, since, IMHO, it will be easier. If I'm wrong, Kim, or if any of this is just not feasible, please let us know! (I guess I'm looking for some encouragement or discouragement here from the Boss!) :-)

> I'd also like an option for being able to include all logged drives,
> since I do most of my work on multiple drives. I don't want to have
> to do an Alt-Release for every drive I have logged. For instance, many
> of the drives I log (other NT machines) also have Netscape \CACHE
> directories and I'd like to be able to just enter CACHE and it would
> release all directories named CACHE on all drives. Perhaps this is
> beyond the scope of most Directory-level commnds, but it's something
> I'd really find useful if possible. Perhaps a "Scope" option with
> "Current Branch" and "All logged drives" toggles?

I agree that this would be very helpful, but I wanted this to be as simple as possible, so we have some hope of Kim being able to do it soon. I think having a multiple drive option in the future might be something we could add after we have the basic function working. But that's up to Kim. Right now I'd just like to get a basic ReleaseSpec function defined which we all can agree would be useful and would work well.

I have some further thoughts on this, which I'm posting separately, Re: ReleaseSpec and LogSpec.

Mouse Issues:

> Mouse commands, eh? What functions did you typically use in Xtree
> with the mouse? Just curious, because I never used it at all,
> except when "Mark"ing text to paste into a windows app. :)

Please see my new posting, "ZTree Mouse Issues".

XTree Board:

> So far, I think your message board is a big hit, Mathias! At
> least with me it is! And it's got some really nice features
> you don't find in the others (Preview, Index updated automatically
> after posts, etc.). Congrats!

I agree!

> PS - the only thing I wish your board would do differently is
> set a cookie for my NAME as well as my email address! I keep
> forgetting to fill it in! :-P

And I agree again. (Gee, this is easy!) :-)

But please see my new posting, "XTree Forum Suggestions"


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