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Re: Previous two messages

Posted By: Dan LeGate <>
Date: Monday, 31 August 1998, at 8:31 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Top Ten List - in course of time... (Mathias Winkler)

John Wrote:
> - An unlog tool would satisfy the need to quickly, in one shot,
> get the files in the unwanted directories out of view, and would
> not require any new display modes or colors.

Yes, this would work fine too... whatever's easiest for Kim to do, I'm all for! If, for some strange reason, it's easier for him to put them out of view and add a new indication, great!

As long as these basic needs are met by the new function:

1. Ability to enter both embedded wildcards, and full pathnames. For example:

*_ C:\NETSCAPE\CACHE *.TMP "C:\Program Files"

2. This command must be able to utilize the History feature.

I like your suggestion of making it a new sub-option to Alt-Release! And also the suggestion of "everything under the current branch" is interesting. Good idea, although I'd also like an option for being able to include all logged drives, since I do most of my work on multiple drives. I don't want to have to do an Alt-Release for every drive I have logged. For instance, many of the drives I log (other NT machines) also have Netscape \CACHE directories and I'd like to be able to just enter CACHE and it would release all directories named CACHE on all drives. Perhaps this is beyond the scope of most Directory-level commnds, but it's something I'd really find useful if possible. Perhaps a "Scope" option with "Current Branch" and "All logged drives" toggles?

> 1 - Fixing bugs and quirks
> 2 - Completing missing XTree functions
> 3 - Benefit to most users
> 4 - Ease of design and simplicity of the interface of the function
> 5 - Probable ease of programming the function, (IMHO, but only
> Kim knows!)

Good list!

> 9 and 10 are high on my list because I feel strongly that ZTree
> would benefit greatly in the marketplace if all the missing XTree
> functions were completed. By missing features I'm *not* talking
> about things like Oops, file viewers, built-in editors, archivers
> and so on. Many of these things are now handled satisfactorily by
> Windows features or other external programs.

Agreed... completely.

> What I *am* referring
> to are things like making all the mouse commands work, adding
> context-sensitive help, enabling features like partial-untag, invert
> filespec, etc.

Mouse commands, eh? What functions did you typically use in Xtree with the mouse? Just curious, because I never used it at all, except when "Mark"ing text to paste into a windows app. :)

> I don't have time right now, but I'd like to start a new thread
> on several of your items, (as well as a few of my own). :-)

Great! I'll participate! We'll make Mathias sorry eventually! :-P

Mathias wrote:
> Honestly I think he wonīt be able to add all those requested features only
> within some weeks - at least as long as he hasnīt hired a team of some dozen > programmers in the meantime... ;-)

haha... yes, I wasn't hopeful these features would make it in anytime soon. I think Kim deserves a break anyway, especially after his 1.40 debut and great PC Magazine review. Visiting his frequently updated Beta page gives you the impression that he never rests!

> Nevertheless Iīm sure there will slip in a number of the requested items
> in course of time - we just have to be patient -
> and continue discussing in the meantime...

Right... I think it takes us a while to come to a good agreement/solution on topics anyway... and then some wise-aleck will come along and say "hey! what about THIS instead?" And we'll all say "YES! GREAT IDEA!" and it's back to the drawing boards... ;-)

So far, I think your message board is a big hit, Mathias! At least with me it is! And it's got some really nice features you don't find in the others (Preview, Index updated automatically after posts, etc.). Congrats!


PS - the only thing I wish your board would do differently is set a cookie for my NAME as well as my email address! I keep forgetting to fill it in! :-P

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