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Re: ReleaseSpec; Make Dir; Top Ten List

Posted By: John Gruener <>
Date: Monday, 31 August 1998, at 2:06 a.m.

In Response To: DirSpec, HideDirSpec - fleshing it out (Dan LeGate)

Cans of worms, indeed! :-)

Rather than answer in the usual point-by-point fashion here, for simplicity, let me try to summarize.

Excluding directories:

- It seems, looking at Dan's and Mathias's early responses, that we're in agreement of the need for this feature.

- Hiding directories will get us into all sorts of new territory with how to display the state of affairs.

- An unlog tool would satisfy the need to quickly, in one shot, get the files in the unwanted directories out of view, and would not require any new display modes or colors.

- There is no perceived need for a positive variation, LogSpec.

- Therefore I make the following suggestion:

We add a new feature called "ReleaseSpec".

While in the directory window we press Alt-Release. Currently we see Branch, Disk drive and Files in branch. We add to that "Specify directories", (or "Specify branches"). After pressing "S" we get a new prompt, "Release Spec:" At this point we can enter a list just as at the "Filespec:" prompt. Separation is by spaces, quotes are required for embedded spaces, and embedded wildcards will be supported. After pressing Enter, ZTree will collapse all branches *under* the highlight bar, (and of course their sub-branches), which meet the spec. It will be assumed that, if the branch *on which* the highlight bar rests meets the spec, it is *not* to be closed, (since a simple "-" would have done the trick). These branches will look, then, just as if we had manually gone down the tree and pressed "-" on each one. No new displays will be necessary. ReleaseSpecs will be added to a history list.

F3 on making directory levels:

Actually, I started doing this just recently, and had the bug on my list to tell Kim about. But now it's done! :-)

Dan's Top Ten List:

I like them all, with some reservations on a few.

I, too have a list, (don't we all?). In it I try to weight things on five factors, in this order:

1 - Fixing bugs and quirks
2 - Completing missing XTree functions
3 - Benefit to most users
4 - Ease of design and simplicity of the interface of the function
5 - Probable ease of programming the function, (IMHO, but only Kim knows!)

Applying this to your list, my order of priority for them, with the first on my list getting the highest priority, is:

9, 6, 10, 1, 3, 5, 7, 2, 8, 4.

9 and 10 are high on my list because I feel strongly that ZTree would benefit greatly in the marketplace if all the missing XTree functions were completed. By missing features I'm *not* talking about things like Oops, file viewers, built-in editors, archivers and so on. Many of these things are now handled satisfactorily by Windows features or other external programs. What I *am* referring to are things like making all the mouse commands work, adding context-sensitive help, enabling features like partial-untag, invert filespec, etc.

I don't have time right now, but I'd like to start a new thread on several of your items, (as well as a few of my own). :-)

I'll start adding them later this week, if no one else starts them first.

Mathias, you might be sorry you invited me here!


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