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Treating " . " as " *. "

Posted By: Peter Geagea <>
Date: Monday, 31 August 1998, at 2:06 a.m.

I was wondering if we could have the option of treating "." as "*." in all the copy and move operations just like the filespec and rename operations which currently behave this way. It seems a bit inconsistent to have this feature in some operations but not in others. XTree Gold does in fact work this way.

Also, each time you hit the 'J' key in order to compare two files, could we possibly have the most recently used path appear in the prompt. This can be convenient if, for example, you have edited several files, and you want to quickly review the changes, one after another, with your backup directory (another XTG trait)

Finally, if you enter a filespec when the cursor bar is positioned over an unlogged directory, you get the message "Dir Empty" in the small file window, even if some files match the spec. - just a little bug.


Peter Geagea

(P.S. Congratulations to Kim Henkel and all his zealous helpers on the milestone release of Ztree Win 1.40)

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