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Re: Tab key functionality

Posted By: John Gruener <>
Date: Friday, 28 August 1998, at 10:26 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Tab key functionality (Walter Rassbach)

> Hmmm.... Well, I only really meant my suggestion as a THIRD
> alternative IF Kim decided to put in a configuration option for
> how to handle TAB/ENTER/etc. during the rename prompt (with the
> inevitible spill over into Copy/Move), at which point no "compromise"
> is needed...

Right. What I was suggesting was different, and would not require a configuration option. I don't like any more configuration options than are absolutely necessary. I was trying to suggest a way to give everyone everything at their fingertips, without having to configure.

> I recognize that I probably do a lot of things a bit
> differently from most of the ZTree users, and did not necessarily
> want to impose my methods on others as the only or default choice
> (unless there is an unforeseen ground-swell of support :-), I merely
> wanted to try to have my preferance available if there were options...

We probably all do things a bit differently, and I hope no one takes any of this as a proposed imposition. This is a great forum to bounce around ideas. :-)

> I had not actually noticed the behaviour you mention (i.e.,
> changing just the extension), but it may be (almost certainly is)
> just a side-effect (and inadvertent on Kim's part) of the Win API
> calls -- Kim feeds them an " .XYZ" parameter in the rename
> call which the API call interprets as just an extension rename,
> while the same parameter in the copy and move API calls results
> in exactly that filename... (Kim: This seems right to me, is that
> what happens?).

That would explain it!

> However, I also agree that it should be consistent between
> Rename and Copy/Move, since the filename prompts in the Copy/Move
> are really renames. I actually LIKE the use of a starting '.' resulting
> in an extension rename, it clearly has the greatest utility, although
> I also agree that it should (if intentional) display the filename
> up to the final period for subsequent editing... -- I.e., take an
> API glitch and turn it into a nice feature... This does leave the
> problem of getting explicit " .XYZ" names into ZTree (and,
> through it to the API calls in a way which does what is intended...).
> Of course, that still leaves the other questions about the
> use of TAB, since what I was hoping for is a FULL filename (with
> extension) and cursor placement at the right place in the middle,
> while the use of '.' we are discussing here has an empty extension...

No, Walter, what I actually visualized, (but didn't say), was that the *entire* name would be duplicated, just as the Tab key does, (and Enter key would). The cursor would rest on the character after the last period, ready to overwrite it, but it would all be visible.


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