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Re: Tab key functionality

Posted By: John Gruener <>
Date: Friday, 28 August 1998, at 7:28 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Tab key functionality (Walter Rassbach)

> There is one other placement possibility that I would like
> to see considered IF there is an option added for the TAB key in
> Rename/Copy/etc., which is just at the end of the "name"
> part, right before the '.' for the extension... This makes it easy
> to get to the extension, but, much of the time when I am renaming
> a file it is to add something to the end of the original name (usually,
> some kind of version info/marker...).

Walter, how about this compromise:

Currently, (on Rename only), if you press a "." (period), followed by an entry (XYZ) it changes the extension to .XYZ. On a "Copy/Move as" if you do the same thing the new file's name becomes ".XYZ". This is at best inconsistent, and at worst, illegal. I'm not sure whether it's supposed to be permissible to start long file names with a period. If you attempt to do this with Explorer (W95), it responds with an error stating "You must type a file name". But then, this might be a bug in Explorer. Can anyone help?

So instead, if we start with a period, why not duplicate the name on the prompt line with the cursor on the first character after the last period? This would make Rename work just as it does now, but we would see what we're doing. I think Copy/Move should then be made to work the same way. This would preclude starting a file name with a period, (rarely needed, I would think, even if legal), although you could still edit it if you wanted to.

This would mean having to cursor-left a little more in your example, but I think it would work well and be very intuitive.

> One other place and function I would like to see for the TAB
> key is in the '\' directory selection prompt, where it would be
> nice if it did, in effect, the same thing as it does in the directory
> view, i.e., sequence to the next sub-directory at the same level
> (the current "completion" meaning is not that useful since
> an additional '\' has much the same effect. However, I have a much
> more detailed set of suggestions for the use of cursor type keys
> in the '\' prompt which I need to write up and post as a suggestion....

This, I think, also has merit, but should, perhaps, be done later in a more comprehensive modification, since it has ramifications in so many places to be consistent.


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